Wolves of Wall Street (2002)


Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by:
Barry L. Levy


William Gregory Lee .... Jeff Allen
Elisa Donovan .... Annabella Morris
Michael Bergin .... Vince
Jason-Shane Scott .... Meeks
Bradley Stryker .... Kennison
Eric Roberts .... Dyson Keller

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: December 31, 2002



Jeff Allen (William Gregory Lee) got a new job in one of Manhattan's wealthiest brokerage firms, Wolfe Brothers. He also meets with a beautiful bartender named Annabella Morris (Elisa Donovan) whom he falls in love with as well as his employer for Wolfe Brothers named Dyson Keller (Eric Roberts) whom seems to take control over him as him and his employees have success over animal instinct that is turning him into a werewolf, but it may be too late for him to get out.


For the beginning of the story we spot a camera shot slowly looking down on a building while flashes of a full moon which at times seems to eventually get annoying but seemed to look entertaining for the beginning it was just a bit too much and then spot some sort of bloodied vicitim running out of the building and then something starts to happen to him as this looked slightly cheesy due to a low budget value of the film but interesting too.
Also we have a fair discussion with a landlady showing Jeff Allen his new room at the building which seems to grab your attention a bit leaving off to a nice start of a horror flick here.
Also there's a cheesy moment with Annabella Morris flirting with Jeff while working at a bar in which this looked awfully wooden and needed more inspiration since things seemed to be just a little too set out here.
However there's a nice mysterious moment with a well shot scene on some women in their lingerae sitting at some chairs as well as some guys taking off their clothes and wearing calvin klein underwear planning some sort of a lustful ceremony that grabs your attention a great deal here and very still too. It was carefully focused indeed and leads to a drawing card on what we will later reveal since it offers some cheesy suggestive werewolf moments here.
Also we do spot a nice romantic and flirtatious situation between both Jeff and Annabella as this time seemed fairly natural and strongly done. It was one of the best scene's that was performed here too. Good focus moments on the two of them as well.
Plus we have a great moment with Jeff along with the head of the pack Dyson Keller celebrating at the top of the building as the setting looked great and dark to watch as well as spotting Dyson marking his territory which was another nice drawing card to a werewolf story. Also things looked impressive when the gang gets strange towards Jeff and one of them bites his neck which was carefully focused too looking well done for a DeCoteau flick of this generation. Then later on he wakes up which showed nice timing here revealing that he's a born again werewolf which was nicely written in here.
More nice pointers here when Jeff smells Annabella's scent that she with with another guy when she comes home as this leaves another great werewolf impression along with a bit of a disturbing moment when he gets demanding with her and she tries to act calm about it all making you watch carefully as to what will happen next here. This for sure looked believeable and strongly put in.
Plus we have another good heated moments between Jeff towards Dyson Keller when he refuses to be overpowered by him and he marks his territory on him as there's good focused camera shots on the two of them having this heated serious discussion and another nice scene too while we watch it and having a creepy feeling about what will become of Jeff later on in the story too.
Plus more great shots on some lustful situations with the boys in their calvin kelin underwear towards a lustful woman. But yet this was starting to look a little ridiculous while watching this. A typical scene for a DeCoteau flick.
Plus we spot a good strong confrontation with Annabella towards Sang and insisting to know as to why he hasn't been talking to her and him getting ignorant which looked strongly done too as well as this almost seeming disturbing to watch wondering if a dysfunctional moment will turn out of this. It seemed almost psychological by what we see here.
Another perfect high intense moment with Jeff at a party and getting forceful towards a guy that's talking to Annabella as this leaves a great impression that a fight could break out and everyone's reactions with this was brought to a terrific high energetically pace here. For sure delivers some nice disturbing moments during this scene.
Also a good shot on Jeff getting harrassed outside and spotting his veins on his head forming as well as his eyes changing with a perfect rage on him attacking but yet when he does bite this person it doesn't look as horrifying like it was supposed to have been. Nice misty shots later on with him running away. Plus good dark shots on him storming in Annabella's suite and attacking her. Adds a good cheesy werewolf touch here.
Plus there's great pressuring situations with Sang towards one of the other character's named Vince and not wanting to be a part of the werewolf clan. This was greatly written in for the scene. A nice focusing situations once again between Jeff and Annabella by what had happened which shows some average emotional moments towards them.
Nice adventuresou showdown moments with Jeff being vengeful towards Dyson on what has all happened adding more cheesy but powerful moments here.
Bottom line is that this is of course one of those typical David DeCoteau flick like you'd spot in Brotherhood but done in a much better fashion which is a ton of fun to watch. No werewolf effects though like hair growing or anything like that so the title offers a bit of a disappointment for any fan of that type of genre. Probably couldn't afford to get that type of outfit anyhow. Also lots of cheesy shots on the full moon near the city of Manhattan. Sometimes you think to yourself once again like in the beginning of the film, ok enough is enough!

The acting still is in a nice shape here in which lead actor William Gregory Lee (Sang) seemed to add alot of great enthusiasm and spunk into his part as the new guy in town with his job. He for sure adds a nice charming type of behavior into his role and coming across as convincingly romantic too in the spots he needed to be so. Plus he also offers a great aggressive and anxious attitude when he's shocked on a situation as well as carrying this moment in other scene's too offering great energy into this a great deal. Plus shows off a good closed minded attitude and acting convincingly ignorant showing a nice versatality here along with acting believeably obnoxious and jumping into action perfectly here which he brought to life a great deal. He shows off some great angered and vicious expressions to top it all off. Also shows a nice weakness with his emotional attitude acting perfectly dramatic with this moment too.
Elisa Donovan
(Annabella Morris) added a nice flirtatious and outgoing type of attitude as well as coming across as someone whom is understanding and full of life. Certainly that that perfect bubbly type of personality whenever she spoke and adding alot of nice charisma within that. Plus shows a good concerned in your face attitude too which she really drew in nicely. However at times when she acted emotional needed a bit of improvement. Also does well acting anxious for an intense moment as she's really on the ball with that moment. Does a nice job acting a bit surprised and scared although she could've added a but more hype to that. She had the beautiful looks which adds well to her role in a horror flick.
Michael Bergin
(Vince) seemed to show a good cocky type of behavior as well as coming across as perfectly slick too. Does a nice job with his manipulative behavior and acting perfectly overpowering as the second one in command in which he stressed this perfectly well here. Had the right macho type of looks too which was a perfect plus to his role. Also spoke very well with his words which is another good attention grabber here.
Eric Roberts
(Dyson Keller) had the right appeal as well as the looks to portray a leader of the pack of wolves but yet seems a bit stiff within his performance by speaking his lines as he needed a bit of coaching for what he was doing here. Yet does well acting territorial as well as overpowering too so not everything that he did was bad. He just needed improvements with what he had to do as he just didn't meet up to his part too well.

Some mild bloody neck bites but that's about it here.

Some nice guitar playing as well as the odd heartbeats especially for a near lustful suggestive werewolf mysterious moment with some frat boys which seems to really blend in terrifically as well as some heavy breathing sounds and some metal banging and other types of loud sounds which works in terrifically as well as some good mysterious classical type composing here and there and piano playing to top it all off. Every beat in the film seemed to work in each story line and was perfectly strong too all put together by Harry Manfredini which he at times uses some similar elements of his old school horror flicks like Friday the 13th and it seemes to stand out well with this one too.