Wrecker (2015)


Directed by: Michael Bafaro

Written by: Michael Bafaro & Evan Tyler


.... Emily
... Leslie

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: November 6, 2015 (USA/India)





A couple of friends Emily (Anna Hutchinson) and Leslie (Andrea Whitburn) go on a joyride in the middle of the desert where they are terrorised by a psychopathic tow truck driver making their journey into a nightmare.


An impressive beginning with a married couple stranded on a road in the middle of nowhere and their car breaks down which gives you a psychological feel to not knowing what to do as well as the wife trying to call for a tow truck on her cell phone. Then afterwards we spot the opening credits.
We have some good flowing conversations between the two friends Emily and Leslie while driving along the winding road which seemed energetic as well as a hitchhiker and Leslie doing a little flash towards this person along with doing other stuff that can cause a problem which gives a psychological feel that this person is annoying and can get on your nerves big time for being a shit disturber.
An impressive shot on a tow truck driver as well as spotting the car we spotted in the beginning of the film as this looked creepy and leaving an impression that this isn't your everyday person driving the road leaving a nice horror feel to everything as well as them trying to get past one another. Also leaves the impression when this driver is on their tail he will crash into them to move. Plus a good inside shot on the truck showing Satanic pentagrams hanging on the drivers seat mirror.
Also nice moment when the two of them stop at a gas station as well as this tow truck as well with them feeling unsafe by staring at the vehicle. Plus we only get to see the drivers shoes getting out and not revealing whom he is which of course works in well since it would give the story away from the mystery of this flick.
Also a perfect jumping moment when these two are driving and things are silent and suddenly the truck comes speeding by them as well as this driver setting them up to go past them when another vehicle is driving on the other lane which is suspenseful making you wonder if they will get into an accident. Also a good add on is when they pass this truck Leslie throws a crushed beer can and fingers this driver which leaves a creepy impression that this isn't a wise idea to do.
Also an impreeive situation when thy are at a diner and suddenly they spot the truck parked at the other side of the road as well as thm staring at some of the people at the diner thinking that one of these people could be that person which is a nice psychological impression. Plus a disturbing moment when Emily approaches someone thinking it's that person and bawls him out leaving an impression for being embarrased for her since we know he isn't the one in which things of course would be too obvious. It's powerfully done and in good psychological taste too.
Also a nice distant shot with them seeing something far away thinking it's that tow truck but it's not as well as them spotting the vehicle as this was creepy as well as this person trying to help them out and BAM this vehicle appears with a deadly force.
Good moment when they do a speed chase and then go into a different section of the road and suddenly kids are playing there which makes you watch in terror wondering if they will hit these people or not.
Also a good moment when they try to get out of their car and run away and then fall to the ground unconcious and then Emily wakes up and realises that Leslie is gone which worked in perfectly.
Perfect still and silent situation when Emily is pulled over by the police and he is still and firm with her commanding her to get back into her car as this looked good and natural for this officer at being cautious as well BAM the truck rolls him over which makes you jump big time while spotting this happen out of nowhere. Very well done.
Great teasing moment with the truck suddenly about to speed away when she tries to call to the driver about her friend as this is a great peer pressuring moment when she wants him to stop and at times he backs up about to get to her vehicle which there's good camera shots on leaving you in terror.
Terrific suspenseful moment when she uses a pay phone and the truck is charging towards her as this looked strongly well done for what we see here.
Perfect vengeful moment when she plays chicken with the truck and this truck is trapped halfway falling off a cliff and she tries to find out where her friend is as well as wondering if this driver will reveal himself as this makes you watch carefully on everything as well as a great vengeful moment near the end of the story making you think ALRIIIGHT!!!!
Bottom line is that this film seems to pay a tribute to Joyride and done in excellent taste. It's truly mysterious as well as it being a thriller/action as well as a horror flick. This film is a must for horror fans who like these types. Deifinetely beats watching a remake or your typical lame horror flick with a writer running out of ideas and not delivering a proper storyline. We need more if these types of flicks these days.

Only two main cast members are in this flick and do an awesome job in it. Anna Hutchison (Emily) was marvellous as the level headed one showing alot of common sense by all that she did here. She shows a true intelligence into what she does or tells someone as well as having a great hyped up energy when the suspense starts to roll up big time. Also does a great job showing her raging aggressions towards someone else and going ballistic showing a real type of intensity as well as losing control in which she nailed that scene down marvellously. She's also terrific by freaking out at the truck driver and getting demanding really getting into this to the extreme and not being over the top. Plus does a good job acting relieved after being pulled over and strssing on needing help as this was totally life like too. Also shows a no mrcy attitude while pointing a gun at a gas station owner as well as expressing a great fearful attitude as well. Plus near the end of her performance offers a great devastated behavior along with bringing it to the extreme by acting vengeful as well. She did it all in powerful great taste.
(Leslie) shows some good pizzaz in her role not being shy doing on what she does. Plus lived to play a total shit disturber as well as coming off as annoying and getting on your nerves greatly. She definetely makes you want to smack her at times. Plus she offers a perfect not taking any type of crap attitude while showing aggressions to the truck driver and bringing this to a full thrust. Plus was great when she is freaking out and getting scared too. Also during her last performance does a great job crying uncontrollably and freaking out as this looked totally realistic.

The music by Vince Mai seemed to pull through very well as we have good smooth airy violin music which was well concentrated and seemed to fit into the story at a medicre pace. Also alot of good banging and clanging as well as booming noises for when the truck terrorises as it was bang on. These sounds are to make you jump out of your seat greatly and done terrifically too.

We have a great song titled "Balls to the Wall" not by the artist Accept but a different tune alltogether for the closing credits as it sounded wild with the volcalising as well as the guitar playing. Sounds like an early AC / DC tune and perfect for the film indeed.