Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)


Directed by: Joe Lynch

Written by: Turi Meyer & Al Septien


Erica Leerhsen .... Nina Papas
Henry Rollins .... Dale Murphy
Texas Battle .... Jake
Daniella Alonso .... Amber
Steve Braun .... Jonesy
Aleksa Palladino .... Mara
Matthew Currie Holmes .... Michael
Crystal Lowe .... Elena

Release Dates: Frightfest: August 25, 2007 (U.K.); Sitges International Festival of Fantastic and Horror Cinema: October 11, 2007; Gérardmer Film Festival: January 24, 2008

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A retired military commander Colonel Dale Murphy (Henry Rollins) wants to start a reality show where the simulated post-apocalyptic reality show where participants are challenged to survive a remote West Virginia wasteland in which he hosts.
One of the actresses named Kimberly (Kimberly Caldwell) didn't seem to show up like the other people who did as they are assigned to a mission each but one of them named Nina Papas (Erica Leerhsen) doesn't seem to want to know the others and is just there for the challenge.
However, she tries to help out her partner named Mara (Aleksa Palladino) after she spots her boyfriend cheating on her by trying to get even with him but refuses to do anything.
Later on the two of them discover a beat up cabin in the woods as they try to look for a phone and then discover that it is owned by a deformed family of cannibals and tries to warn the other in which this family has been watching all of them and are killing them one by one with traps and arrows to prepare for their dinner.
They also discover that Dale has been missing to top it all off and now it's up to Nina to try and save herself as well as some of the other survivors for being their next meal.


The beginning was quite cheesy with the camera shots on the film showing fast reactions on the scene's. However, he shows a good beginning with a supporting character named Kimberly in her car driving along and talking to her cell phone yet she's not convincing with her words acting like a stuck up actress. There is a nice camera shot on her car window with a surprise approach by a strange person named Three Finger getting hit and then she is about to try and help him doing mouth to mouth to try and save him which leaves you an impression he's gonna do something dangerous which was an impressive moment in this scene.
There are good shots on Dale Murphy running around the forest with some arrows being shot near him.
There's goofy discussions between Jonesy and Amber when they search for stuff in the forest area when she shows attitude towards him while he acts flirtatiously goofy towards as the direction looks slightly cheesy between the two of them.
There's also a corny situation with the characters Jake and Michael trying to videoptape a documentary with Elena skinnydipping in a lake and then showing attitude towards them. It looked a little bit amateurish but not over the top terrible.
We spot a good dialogue between Nina Papas and Mara with her being emotional after she spots her boyfriend cheating on her and Leerhsen whom acted arrogant towards her tries to cheer her up and encourages her to do something nasty back which looked naturally set out.
Good creepy moments between Nina and Mara after spotting some pictures in a mirror from a beat up old cabin which resides the canniballistic maniacs. Then there's good shots on the two of them running away but however a bad looking shot on Mara having an axe whacked in her head.
We do have a nice approach by a maniac named Sister jumping out of nowhere and then running towards Elena constantly stabbing her in the back in which we see camera camera shots on that.
We have a good shot with Dale pointing a shotgun at an old man in the cabin begging him not to shoot him.
A good shot on a screen with a maniac named M screaming and ranting while chained up and later on just showing half his body on the screen with both cannibalistic parents stabbing him to death.
There's good gross out shots on these cannibalistic parents gutting out a body and making a stew out of it with good shocked reactions on both Jake and Nina.
We have a good setting with Nina and Jake tied up in barbwire at a table with a canniballistic family along with the sickening surroundings as this seemed necessary for a horror flick like this one.
There's great struggling and battling scene's with Jake and Nina against the cannibalistic family which was poerfully directed all the way through.
Bottom line: Well, not as good as the first one with some cheesiness to it but it can still be effective and still incredibly gruesome which can make it hard to watch for others who have strong stomach's about canniballism like in the first film.
There's certain elements that almost rips off the remake on Hills Have Eyes such as showing a ton of abandoned cars as well as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre during the victim tied up at the dinner table.
Sometimes things were happening way too fast in which the film should've taken a bit more time on the events but it seems like nowadays that's what it seems like for films these days.

The acting is half good and half amateurish. Erica Leehrsen (Nina Papas) was wonderful as an arrogant one of the troupe turning into a hero in the end. She showed terrific aggression and toughness to her part in it. She also showed great painful emotions too when she had to be that way which looked very natural. Also does well by reacting shocked when she discovers something terrifying. Also does a great job by warning the others about some cannibalistic killers on the loose by showing terrific aggression. Does well freaking out and acting disgusted while being tied up and what she spots. Shows off good energy when she goes in for the struggling and battling moments.
Rocker Henry Rollins (Dale Murphy) really kicked ass in his role as the leader of the pack with his aggressive speaking like he's a real soldier and knew how to act tough too with his fighting scene's. He brought out alot in his role.
Texas Battle
(Jake) was another one who showed good energy in his role and knew how to perform his aggressive actions too especially when he is screaming at the canniballistic family while being tied up. Also acted very energetic with his battling moments.
Daniella Alonso
(Amber) portrayed a good lesbian with her serious attitude not taking crap from anyone.
Aleksa Palladino
(Mara) pulls her sensitivity off very well as a shy one who feels she doesn't fit in. Perfect reactions to a terror and nice interactions with this too.
Steve Braun
(Jonesy) however is one that lacks a bit like mentioning some bad actors as he was a total goofball although he meant to play one but got on my nerves and I'm not convinced he pulled his character right. He really acts like a dork by not believing someone on the killers yet shows a good reaction when he finds out what is roasting on an open fire by getting sick and throwing up.
Crystal Lowe
(Elena) was another one who I didn't care for and seemed to have just the looks but again that was my first impression of her.

Aleksa Palladino exposes her full breasts while walking into a lake.

A bottom jaw is bitten off on an actress and then later cut in half with intestines spilling out.
Pieces of body parts are roasted on a fire.
Some fingers are cut off.
A woman is brutally stabbed and sliced in the back that her skeletal spine is revealed.
A scalp is cut off a persons head.
An old man is blown to bits with his intenstines flying everywhere.
An arrow is stabbed through a couple people on a tree.
A head is cut off and blood splurting out.
Guts and other insides are displayed on a table.
Two arrows and other deadly weapons are slashed through a man with blood gushing out.
A cannibalistic faqthers arm is grinded off as well as his neck bitten with a chunk off of him and then two bodies are grinded up.

There's some techno sounds which seems to be the thing for horror films of this kid these days which is a shame.
There's also great booming sounds with some thumps and drum beats too along with some airy effects and moaning too all composed by Bear McCreary.

Brian Sousa: It's all in your head, Beth.

Leann Cole: That's not my ringtone.

Beth Raymond: [to Leann after hearing her voice mail] That's your voice. That's you.