Wrong Turn (2003)


Produced & Directed by: Rob Schmidt

Written by: Alan McElroy


Desmond Harrington .... Chris Flynn
Eliza Dushku .... Jessie Burlingame
Emmanuelle Chriqui .... Carly
Jeremy Sisto .... Scott
Kevin Zegers .... Evan
Lindy Booth .... Francine
Julian Richings .... Three Finger
Garry Robbins .... Saw-Tooth
Ted Clark .... One-Eye

Special Appearances:

Wayne Robson .... Old Man
Joel Harris .... Rich
David Huband .... Trooper

Release Date: Theatrical: May 30, 2003






Six people accidentally find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia with their vehicles wrecked as one of them named Chris Flynn (Desmond Harrington) accidentally crashes into the others car although their tires were alreadt flattened by some barbwire. Two stay behind but both of them are slayed by a hulking redneck cannibal. The rest find a cabin but are shocked at what they find in there. Before they leave they notice that the owners of the cabin have returned so they hide. Another shocking moment is that they see their dead friend being hauled in and butchered. The killers take a nap and so Chris and the others try to escape without waking them up but it is too late as one of them wakes up and then the chase starts. They are lost in the woods amd can't find a road to get help. It is a battle for survival before these people are killed and become meals for these hulking rednecks.


The film seems to show a nice start with two mountain hikers as one of them makes it to the top and with how this was all shot you get the creepy feeling that something isn't right as well as showing the boyfriend looking dead and bloodied as well as him being pulled down and up which psychs you out wondering what the heck is going on as well as the girlfriend freaking out and trying to find some way to escpae from her cable wire. All of this was done in a perfect mysterious horror type of fashion while we watch all of this.
There's a good moment with the lead character Chris Flynn asking an eccentric old coot at a pit stop for directions along with his strange answers as this leaves a good impression to what will unravel later on and it for sure resembles to a 1977 Wes Craven cult classic flick we all remembered watching too.
We spot a situation with him driving as well as him being distracted by trying to pick up a CD and putting it in his player which leaves an impression that he will land in an accident which this moment looked cringing for sure.
Good fast shots on a car crashing against a mobile as well as interesting certain intereactions on a younger group of friends being closed minded about the case and the older one's being concerned about Chris to see if he's alright in which both of these different interactions looked interesting while watching all of this. Plus it's impressive when we spot some barb wire on the mobile as we get a sinking feeling that the cannibals in the woods were responsible for all of this.
There's another perfect creepy moment when the two youngest one's of the friends named Evan and Francine stay behind to keep an eye on things while the rest try to go look for help as they have a conversation and one of them suddenly disappears with the other trying to look around. This showed perfect timing keeping you on the edge of your seat as to what will happen next.
Meanwhile things look perfectly creepy when everyone spots a cabin with some broken down looking vehicles in which the setting looked perfect here that this isn't your everyday type of residence. Plus nice moments when they go look inside the house which they spot a stew boiling with a bone sticking out as this looked pretty gross and you kinda know it isn't everyday meat either that's cooking there along with finding stuff like kids toys and people's belongings. This for sure leaves a chill down your spine and giving you a disturbed feeling that the residents have kidnapped and killed families that were going on a camping trip. Plus later on they discover some gruesome situations and a couple of them panick telling them they need to get out of there which for sure makes you scared out of your wits as if you were in this situation and wondering if you'd escape before anyone returns to this home. Also things look impressive when we spot the residents rusty looking vehicle's returning to their home as even seeing this looked spooky.
Alot of freaky looking moments when everyone tries to hide and then spot these maniacs butchering a dead body for their next meal as well as them having a nap and they slowly try to get out of the home without waking them up which is a scary task in its own while we watch on how they try to do this.
There's perfect camera shots out in a field when some of the friends try to attract these cannibals so the others can escape and we spot a thin one cackling wildly which was a nice touch to this flick as well as spotting some of them trying to shoot at them making you wonder as if they'll succeed in getting these people.
Many great camera shots on a few of the friends spotting a watch tower as well as them climbing it which was well focused as along with a nice partly cloudy sky above. Plus some good dark terrors when it's night and these cannibals try to come after them with torches and find clever ways in order to try and snuff them out. This for sure looked pretty frightening as well.
Many terrific shots on them climbing from tree to tree and struggling against these maniacs as this seemed pretty crafty to watch as well as some good shocking moments when they kill one of them. For sure not a pleasant moment while spotting this situation.
Also nice settings with the character Jessie Burlingame tied to a table in the cabin with one of the maniacs taunting her with a knife which looked well shot and performed too. Plus we have a great situation with Chris coming in to save the day along with when you think he's killed them off and unties her things seem a little too easy and BAM! This seems to be a common tradition for a horror flick such as this one.
Bottom line is that this film pretty much cloned The Hills Have Eyes but in a great fashion. Also it was very much combined with the likes of other older horror films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Just Before Dawn. This flick really does deliver as it will keep you in suspense wondering what will happen to the people in danger. The film is exciting all the way through.

The acting is well performed in which lead actor Desmond Harrington (Chris Flynn) seems to take the bull by the horns as the heroic type of role with his itelligent type of behavior along with showing a good seriousness to his part. Plus does a nice job while acting distracted in a certain scene or acting shocked when he is in an accident. He springs to life a great deal when he talks to others when this situation happens and makes this come to life a great deal. Plus does a good job while acting anxious while trying to escape the cabin as well as acting believeable with his struggling energy to keep things quiet when escaping too. Does a perfect job while trying to run away in the woods which he just goes at it acting perfectly wild. Also shows off great timing with his aggressive energy while struggling to a hill to track down a vehicle and acting anxious with his words which he was well focused while doing all of this. Plus he shows great energy while struggling against others in a cabin as well as trying to wait for someone to come out and acting believeably impatient which looked terrific in his performance here.
Eliza Dushku (Jessie Burlingame) had the perfect looks for her role in a horror flick plus showed the pizzaz too in which she comes across as someone who is wise about things and showing off a great courageous type of attitude too. She does a nice job showing good confidence into what she does when the terrors strike and really focusing on this superbly. She also shows some great aggressions while needing to be this way as well. Also does a good intense job while sobbing when she's tied up in a cabin and acting believeably scared by what is happening to her. She was for sure a true character actress here.
Emmanuelle Chriqui (Carly) does a perfect job as one of those annoying types that likes to get on your nerves in which she brings to life fairly well here. Plus does a nice job laughing hysterically in a scene while trying to scare her boyfriend and acting totally bubbly which was nicely energised. She also does a great job acting freaked out while spotting something in a cabin and just showing great adrenaline while panicking on the situation. She also makes you want to smack her when she whines and acts scared stiff when she is too scared to run drawing a good focus on this moment. Plus does a terrific job shrieking on a walkie talkie calling for help or getting intense when more terrors strike her which also looked perfectly hyped here.
Jeremy Sisto
(Scott) pulled off his all round nice guy superbly in which you wonder if he's really like that. Does very well with his laid back attitude and showing a nice concerned and understanding behavior after the accident. Plus does a nice job showing a ton of energy while trying to struggle against the terror with his chasing type of attitude as well as showing great shocking expressions while something happens to him and showing a perfect focus on all of this. Plus had the perfect looks to what he portrayed here which was a plus and made him one of the main key supporting roles. A worthy character actor here.
Lindy Booth
(Francine) had a smaller supporting role in this flick but was worth mentioning as she does a great job by acting aggressive after discovering her damaged vehicle and drawing out her anxiety within all of this. Plus does a great job while calling to someone acting believeably cautious as well as doing a great job with her screaming reactions by what she spots making this look fairly natural.

A victims ear was found on the ground.
Body parts of peoples teeth etc. are found in a cabin.
A corpse is butchered with her leg getting cut off and other gruseome events.
A cannibal is slaughtered.

We hear alot of great low beat drum playing and thumping too which sounds very adeventureous for the chasing scene's which works in perfectly to the story. Plus there's good violin orchestral composing sounding nice and clear as a whistle. Plus there's the odd flue playing too which adds some nice flavor as well. All of this was nicely put together by Elia Cmiral.

[first lines]
Rich: Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Oh, yeah!
Halley: OK, you're great. You got the line?

Chris: Thank you, take care.
Old Man: You're the one who's gonna need to take care.

Evan: Okay, you guys go, and we'll just stay here, Francine and...
Scott: And get high.
Evan: Yeah... so?

Francine: [smoking pot] Where did you get this?
Evan: I found it in my dad's room, actually.

Evan: I can't believe they called us stoners.

Francine: Drop your pants.
Evan: What?
Francine: When do people always show up, Evan? What are we doing? Consider it an experiment in probability theory.

Evan: You know, we should've just taken her to New York.
Francine: No, you know how she loves this outdoors stuff.
Evan: Yeah. If you ask me, though, nature sucks.
Francine: Well, the next time she gets dumped we'll take her to New York.

Carly: I think if you ever want to get in my pants again...
Scott: Affirmative.
Carly: ...this is the last time you use the "e" word. Okay?

Jessie: Hey what's your name?
Chris: Chris Flynn
Jessie: You hurt Chris Flynn?
Chris: No I'm fine,
Jessie: Good
[throws a bag at Chris]
Jessie: cause you're the mule.

[Scott pretends to fall]
Carly: That is not funny.
Scott: Look's who scared now... sorry
Carly: Whatever, just get me to a motel room, run me a very hot bath and be prepared to provide me with a lot of orgasms.
[Jessie and Chris start laughing]
Chris: I think they need to be alone.

Jessie: Woah wait guys, this road isn't on here.
[Points to map]
Carly: That's because we don't have the redneck world atlas.

Chris: Let's make this quick.
Scott: Actually, maybe we should keep walking.
Carly: What, the next house is gonna have a white picket fence?

Scott: If there is a next house.

Scott: Okay, who lives here?
Carly: I don't know, but can you help me find the bathroom?
Scott: Baby, I think this is the bathroom.

Carly: [looking at the room where the inbreds' victims' belongings are] God, look at this place.
Scott: Yeah, it's like the garage sale from hell.

Jessie: Carly, look at me, OK? Scott died protecting us. We need to keep ourselves alive, or it was for nothing. OK? We're all in this together, Carl. Come on.
Carly: [whimpering] I want him back.
Jessie: I know, I know. Carl, look at me, OK? Look. We're gonna stay alive. We're gonna get out of this. We're gonna get out of these woods, we're gonna find the police and we're gonna make sure those motherfucks are punished for this. OK?

[Jessie is calling for help into the radio]
Carly: Say mayday.

Carly: [trying to climb out the window] I'd rather jump than burn to death!

Chris: [pulling over a branch] Can you hold this?
Jessie: Why?
Chris: 'cause we're gonna knock this fucker outta the tree!

[Jessie opens her eyes after sleeping and sees one of the cannibals coming at her]
Jessie: They're here!
[both freak out for a second]
Chris: No. No they're not. You were dreaming.
Jessie: I wish.

Scott: We are never going in the woods again!

[last lines]
Chris: C'mon, you motherfuckers. Just die.