Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

Directed by: Declan O'Brien

Written by:
Connor James Delaney


Tom Frederic .... Nate
Janet Montgomery .... Alex
Christian Contreras .... Willy
Gil Kolirin .... Floyd
Jake Vurran .... Crawford
Tom McKay .... Brandon
Charles Venn .... Walter
Borislav Iliev .... Three Finger
Bill Moody .... Sheriff Carter
Emma Clifford .... Deputy Ally Lane

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: October 8, 2009 (Germany); Screamfest Horror Film Festival: October 19, 2009

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A group of dangerous criminals are being transported from the West Virginia Grafton Penitentiary in a custody bus escorted by three security guards through the backwoods and a tow truck comes along and plans a trip to wipe the bus out with some of the guards injured as the driver is a hillbilly cannibal named Three Finger (Borislav Iliev) as he spirngs about in the deep dark woods setting deadly traps and throwing deadly weapons against these people in order to make his next meal.
One of the criminals named Willy
(Christian Contreras) helds everyone hostage to get themselves out of the woods in which one of the police named Nate (Tom Frederic) tries to navigate on where to go.
They find a teenage survivor named Alex (Janet Montgomery) who's friends were killed by the backwoods maniac and instructs them on what can happen as she senses his presence but one by one they are systematically slaughtered by his traps and having a hard time getting out of the woods alive.


The beginning of this film looked rather cheesy when we spot some teenage couple camping out as well as one of them getting lustful towards her boyfriend in which this does leave an impression that something is going to happen to them. It does make you jump seeing the topless girl get shot by an arrow through her and lots of good close up shocking situations with this demented maniac which happens to be Three Finger along with some of them trying to escape and hide from him as this makes you cringe a great deal wondering if he will spot and get them. Plus alot more shocking death scene's when we spot what traps were set for them too.
Things get going a great deal when we spot a penitentiary as well as a heavy discussion and plan between two prisoner goons named Willy and Floyd as at first it seems like they're about to rumble as this scene looked impressive. Everyone's discussions including the warden's and others while about to transfer these criminals to another prison on a bus looked strongly done and nicely shot too.
Also a good shot on the bus leaving at night on a road in the wooded area with a tow truck on it's tail honking at the driver as this for sure leaves you an impression that it's Three Finger's vehicle since we've seen it in the first flick along with perfect intense moments when this truck tries to crash this bus along with what we see for a trap on the vehicle to swerve it off the road which also looked terrifying to watch too.
Some nice struggling situations after people manage to get out of the bus with some of the criminals trying to fool the police on an injury they had to get their weapons as well as a nice jumping moment on a knife thrown in at a neck of one of the officers with a good shot on Three Finger in the woods acting wild which the settings in the woods itself looked convincingly dark and creepy. Plus nice action sequences on both Willy and Floyd shooting their gun in the wooded area as this looked enjoyable to watch too with thugs going at it big time.
Perfect dark shots on Three Finger setting up his trap in the woods which looked creepy to spot all of this.
Also a good jumping moment when Willy holds everyone hostage to get out of the wooded area along with a supporting character named Walter not taking crap from him as this gives you an impression that something bad is going to happen to him.
Plus we have a nice intense and jumping moment when a survivor from the beginning of the story named Alex jumps in which looked suspenseful when she freaks out.
Another good jumping moment when they are near a trap and spot a child cannibal named Three Toe jumping out from the ground about to attack and one of the goons shoots him as this for sure makes you cheer that one of these manics were killed as well as a nice cold feeling when Alex tells them there's a full grown one still on the loose and how pissed off he will be when he finds out what happened to one of his kind. Plus it's scary when we hear from the distance with these people trying to get away hearing Three Finger screaming out.
We spot a real perfect and painful situation when one of the prisoner's named Crawford checks out a trap with barb wire on a tow truck with perfect intense shots on him wrapped up in it and the truck speeding away as this looked disturbing to watch on this poor dude slowly dying in torture this way with more close up shots on him. This scene almost borrowed a bit from the Saw flicks.
Also we have some great battling moments between Willy and Floyd as this looked powerfully and carefully choreographed as well as Willy brutally pounding on him to a pulp making you cringe and think is he gonna kill him if he keeps it up.
More spooky stuff when Alex tells the others that she senses that Three Finger is nearby and the setting is very dark which leaves a chill down your spine along with a moment on a deputy finding them and trying to help them as this was a good drawing card that this maniac is going to kill him which is often the case in the middle of a horror flick when someone tries to rescue them.
There's a great moment when they tey to reach a watch tower only to discover that it was burnt down since we saw this moment in the original one proving that this for sure follows the first one.
We spot some perfect disturbing struggling moments with Alex when Three Finger tries to drag him into his place as this makes you watch wondering if she will manage to escape or not.
But then there's a real classic battling moment between Willy and Three Finger as this was the best scene with good shots on them along with what weapons they try to use on one another along with great punches on Willy towards Three Finger. While we continue to watch them go at it we do have a sinking feeling who will lose and there's a real shocking situation here that we've seen in a similar scene in the film Hannibal. Yet it looked well done but very gruesome.
There's a good horror scene with Alex tied up in barbwire in the home of Three Finger as well as the gruesome surroundings as this looked classy for a horror film in today's standards in which seemed to pay a tribute to the 2003 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Then we have some good struggling situations with the survivors against Three Finger and just when you think it's over he always seems to manage to find a away on attacking again which is of course a tradition in a horror flick close to when it ends along with other twisted moments too that we spot here leaving a door open for yet another sequel as this was done in great taste.
Bottom line is that this one seemed to pay a tribute to other horror flicks when it shows the disturbing and creepy situations but not ripping them off by any means. It's almost as exciting as the first film. At times it seems a bit overly long and dragging for a little while but then picks itself up a great deal. Good effects used in here and graphic too like the previous two. Worth checking out.

The acting is pretty good in which lead actor Tom Frederic (Nate) seemed to do his job as the soft spoken police officer in the flick coming across as believeably harmless within what he does and not posing as a threat. He also does a good job acting anxious when he's pitted against someone or acting sympathetic which also comes off nicely onto the camera. He proved to be a worthy character actor and had the right looks for his role too.
Janet Montgomery (Alex) also does a nice job and becomes a nice key to the story too. Does a great job freaking out after what has happened as well as jumping and panicking later on in her performance almost losing control of herself as this comes across realistic too. She shows a good aggressive behavior whenever needed to be and was realistic when she senses stuff showing a good emotional attitude within this. Plus hows terrific energy with her blocking like when she has to get tough by using her legs for kicking or punching just really getting at this a great deal. She does well acting intense with her screaming when she gets kidnapped and really getting into the picture within all of this too. She was one of the best out of the cast here.
Christian Contreras
(Willy) certainly lived to portray the biggest bad ass obnoxious thug in the flick and showing a perfect intelligence on what to do in order to save his own skin. He does a great job by getting in your face with his gruff behavior plus he does well while swinging a punch and just going at it at full speed making his performance looking perfectly intense. Also does a great job by firing his gun at full speed too. Plus showed a convincing sarcastic attitude while getting serious with his words. Yes he even had the perfect tough guy looks too as well as his build. This fellow had it all and stole the film with his performance.
Gil Kolirin (Floyd) also had a perfect big guy features to him and knew his craft to portray another goon who lacks intelligence as he showed off some nice energy as well within what he does here. Also showed a good obnoxious type of behavior when he tries to rape someone which he came across as perfectly sleazy. Plus knew on how to fire his gun with all his might or freak out in his last performance and howl in pain which was also well energised. Knew on how to do a perfect job by swaggering around as well.
Jake Vurran (Crawford) had the right motive to portray a pussy and a clown as one of the prisoners in the flick with his geeky like features. Does a good job by goofing off and acting sarcastic as one of those annoying types. Plus does really knew on how to grab your attention with his hyperactive behavior too. Showed a perfect intensity at the end of his performance when he reacts in pain while wrapped in barbwire which he really got into this a great deal here.
Tom McKay (Brandon) played the perfect level headed prisoner and the least threatening one too which he knew on how to act perfectly intelligent and decent too within everything that he does here. He showed a perfect calmness to his speaking as well as needing to get tough whenever he had to act like this too. He had the fair nice guy looks too which helped him along with his personality and charm here.
Charles Venn (Walter) came across nicely onto the camera with his spunky attitude as well he knew on how to show no fear with what he did in the flick. Plus was perfect when he spoke his mind towards one of the criminals just really getting at it and showing no mercy with his cocky behavior too.
Borislav Iliev (Three Finger) did a marvellous job as the demented hilbilly deformed cannibal acting convi9ncingly wild and jumping around everywhere with his highly energised hyperactive behavior. Plus knew on how to cackle hysterically while attacking which he showed off great horror characteristics within this. Also was perfect while swinging his weapons into battle along with showing great might while being this way. Apart from him being a stuntman he certainly is a worthy character actor too.
Bill Moody (Sheriff Carter) did fairly well by playing a burly lawman in which he had a great no nonsense attitude and really getting into serious moments and talking businesslike. He drew alot in with what he did as well as doing a great job by getting stern while pointing a rifle at someone which showed off terrifically. Plus did well acting heroic while trying to save some people which was another nice plus to his performance.
Emma Clifford (Deputy Ally Lane) had a nice sharp performance as a deputy and coming across as believeable while trying to help out on a case. She also was perfectly strong minded when she talks about a concern or a situation as well as having the good looks for all of this too. She stood out pretty powerful and clear within what she does throughout her personality here.

A teenage girl takes off her top to suntan and full breasts expose as well as revealing them later on while slowly dying in Three Finger's cabin with barb wire tangled around her.

An arrow is shot through a girl's breast.
Other arrows are shot through people.
A body is sliced to pieces while being caught in a trap.
A knife is stabbed through an officer's neck.
Cannibal boy's head is impaled on an object.
A face is sliced off with a swinging blade.
A man's head is bloodily blown by a gun.
A sharp weapon is stabbed through a guy's mouth and another one later on in another scene.
A persons's legs are cut off.
Someone is tangled in barbwire and his flesh starts tearing off.
Someone spits out blood during a brawl.
A hook is impaled in someone and later on Three finger slices off the top of someone's head with his brain exposed and eats a piece of the brain.
Many body parts are lying around Three Finger's cabin.
A hook is cut through Three Finger's throat.

Some good pounding noises as well as strong violin and trombone playing like it often did in the previous flicks with good metal banging too and screeching noises along with some rusty scraping too as this was all suitable for the deep dark woods with the canniballistic maniac about to terrorise his victims. Also some great action beats and heavy bass guitar playing too for the low down segments like at the prison. Plus some nice light piano tapping almost near the end of the film for the still moment which blends in nicely too. All of this was greatly put together by Claude Foisy.

Sophie: Alex thinks I'm a slut, do you think I'm a slut?
Brent: Yes... but that's what love about you.
Sophie: I thought you liked my tits.
Brent: I do. You have perfect tits.
Brent: [kisses her breast] I could hold them forever.