Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

Written & Directed by: Declan O'Brien


Jennifer Pudavick .... Kenia
Tenika Davis .... Sara
Kaitlyn Leeb .... Bridget
Terra Vnesa .... Jenna
Ali Tataryn .... Lauren
Samantha Kendrick .... Claire
Victor Zinck Jr .... Kyle
Dean Armstrong .... Daniel

Release Date: Screamfest Horror Film Festival: October 17, 2009

*Images courtesy at: www.outnow.ch





A group of sorority students go away snowmobiling on their winter breaks and a blizzard starts to happen so they take refuge in an abandoned sanitarium as there was no explanation as to why no one was there.
Suddenly they discover a group of hillbilly cannibals escaped and killed everyone residing there and these students plan to be their next meal making no escape for them as these students try to find a way to fight them for their lives.


An impressive beginning showing an asylum in the cold winter snow as well as one of the caretakers named Dr. Ryan showing a new employee named Dr. Ann Marie Quaid around and introducing her to the hillbilly family of cannibals with good shots on them in the jail cell as well as her comments on wanting to know them as well as a comment from him about not rushing that which leaves a nice clue that these people are more demented and dangerous than the rest as this was nicely written in. This moment at the same time seemed a bit hokey too and not as dark as the previous films. Yet there's good camera shots and moments as to how these hillbilly's manage a way to get out of their cell.
Then we have some black comedic moments with the mental patients going crazy in the halls of the asylum running around as well as rolling back and fourth on some wheelchairs which seems like a different twist as well compared to the previous flicks.
Also we have perfect disturbing moments with Dr. Ann being strapped in a chair and being tortured too along with perfect close up shots on this too which can make it hard to watch if you don't like these situations as it looked darkly humoress but at the same time very psychological especially with her crying and pleading to them.
Plus great shots on Dr. Ryan with his arms and legs tied on barbwire as well as the demented family pulling them apart slowly with good close ups on this as if you don't like seeing someone being gruesomely tortured to death this moment isn't for you to watch for sure along with his reactions to all of this. Alot of these scene's involving these two employees looked highly intense when these deadly incidents are happening. It's a nice start to a beginning of a shocking horror films for sure.
Then things look clever after these incidents which we then move to some lusting moments on sorority students getting it on. One with two straight lovers and the other as a lesbian couple. This seemed pretty corny while spotting this situation.
In a later scene there's nice shots on them riding their way into a snowmobile and then it gets dark which is impressive when they say theyre getting cold and spot the abandoned sanitarium which looked spooky while we see the camera shot on this especially good one liners telling them to stay there till the blizzard stops as of course works in well for a dumb move on young adults going to a dangerous place in a horror flick as usual.
There's some perfect shots on the students walking in the wallway with a back shot on some of the demented family members watching them or quickly walking by as this for sure makes the moments look genuinely scary.
Plus there's also a character named Vincent slowly walking down a hallway as he spots someone with their back turned and still pursues to go right to this figure as this leaves a chill down your spine a great deal when we spot this knowing that a surprise attack is bound to happen here.
There's another good dark moment in a kitchen cafeteria when another one named Jenna spots two of the demented characters butchering a dead body as she hides and tries to stay quiet without being caught in which was carefully drawn in here and pretty gross looking too to see what they do to the dead body.
Also there's a moment some of the friends return freaking out on what is happening as this looked a bit cheesy to watch. However this scene makes it up a bit as a barb wire is caught around someone's neck and lifted which looked intense and struggling while we spot others trying to save her which we have a feeling that this barb wire will cut through her neck making this rescue too late regardless. There's a nice close up shot on one of the maniacs dragging her up grinning as this shows off a nice horror touch to it all.
We see the friends running to their snowmobiles about to get away but while we spot this we do get a sinking feeling that their mobiles won't work which is mostly the case in a horror flick.
A nice jumping moment when one of the maniac tries to drill a door open to get to the others in which this drill looked huge and reminds me of Slumber Party Massacre but yet this weapon looked way more deadly and the noise of it sounds way more unpleasant too. I found this to be a perfect touch. The weapon looked just as deadly as a chainsaw.
But we spot the most shocking moment of all in a horror flick in which this demented family starts carving one of the friends alice and starts having a gourmet meal out of him as this is not for most people's tastes and made this look really effective as it spots some black humor when they start tasting his flesh they tore off and he's alive still while doing this making you think how long does he have to life. A perfect horror canniballistic moment here.
Also a perfect vengeful moment with Kyle trapping these maniacs and planning to burn them alive along with Kenia trying to prevent him from doing so telling him he's not like them as you really wonder if he will hesitate from doing this or not while we watch hard on this scene. This was perfectly well done.
There's also a scene where a suspect of one of the maniacs has his head wrapped around in a sack with the surviving girls stabbing at him which gives you a feel that they got the wrong person plus great close ups on them really going at it.
Things seem more suspenseful when the survivors try to escpae from a window that was snowed in as the last one is trying to crawl through but the maniacs are entering with the large powerdrill making you scared for this person's escape as this was also another thing a horror flick has in common. This looked really effective after what we spot here.
Lots of good shots on the survivors running away in the snow with the maniacs chasing after them in their snowmobiles as this looked great to watch as well.
Bottom line is that this is a prequel to the first one as it's interesting from where they started at and although there's many effective and suspenseful moments the story doesn't do a heck of alot and is a bit slow too. Oh well at least they tried their best within all of this.

The acting is at an even pace as lead actress Jennifer Pudavick (Kenia) seemed to bring alot of excitement to her role as a fellow who's very energetic and getting anxious on things showing perfect wide eyed expressions too. She was perfect with her scared attitude as well along with doing a great job talking sense to someone during a vengeful moment and being perfectly straight forward on this. She showed natural characteristics within this moment too. Also shows a great amount of adrenaline while trying to escape from the madness that is happening showing nice timing on this too.
Tenika Davis (Sara) was perfectly level headed as a lesbian in the film who acts believeably open minded on things along with showing a nice sense of humor and bubbly type of attitude on everything as well. Does nicely with her strong behavior when the terrors are happening trying to act courageous and just rolls in with the punches in everything that she does here. She stood out well with what she does throughout everything.
Kaitlyn Leeb (Bridget) shone on in her role acting wildly annoying with her attitude and was good with her lung power too. Plus she does a good job acting closed minded on things. Shows a nice hyperactive behavior while freaking out on things as well as acting perfectly cowardly. Plus does a good job getting demanding on a vengeful situation which she really rolls with this moment a great deal too.
Ali Tataryn (Lauren) was the most weffective one in her supporting role showing a nice sharp attitude as well as really getting into her conversations along with acting believeably outgoing within all that she does here. Plus she does a good job when trying to act heroic on things too. A good situation when she struggles in the snowy area acting perfect stiff on this. Also she had the right nice girl looks too.
Victor Zinck Jr (Kyle) really proved his role worthy in which he does a nice job going into a frightened rage and freaking out after what he spots on his onscreen girlfriend along with having a perfect emotional attitude on this too. Plus does well going into a rage while acting vengeful and menacing too while yelling out to the onscreen maniacs in which he shows perfect characterstic's within all of this as well. He studied this role a good deal and deserves a good pat on the back.
Dean Armstrong (Daniel) stood out nicely in his masculine type of looks as well he seemed to do a good job by acting civil on stuff and coming across as a level headed kind of guy too. He had the right guy next door looks too as well as speaking perfectly tense when he gets nervous on stuff without getting carried away. Plus was perfect screaming intensely while being tortured to death just going right at this.

A woman is full breasted while lusting with her boyfriend and in the other room two lesbians are fully naked getting it on as well as them doing this in a sanitarium room too.

The cannibal bites off parts of a person's face and eats them.
A female employee at the sanitarium is tortured with a device causing her to bleed.
A male employee has his arms and legs torn off by barb wire.
The demented cannibals cut off hands and legs off a corpse.
Decapitated head is exposed.
A woman's neck is cut off of a barbwire while getting hung as well as showing her headless body.
A person is barbwired to a table and pieces of his flesh are torn off as well as his insides and eaten.
Someone is repetitvely stabbed with lots of blood gushing out.
Woman has a giant drill plunged through her.
Another woman is run over by a snowmobile with blood spraying out.
Two heads are sliced off through barbwire while speeding away in a snowmobile.

Alot of good deep tones with the classical music and perfect low sounds especially the dark moments in the psych ward. Also some good metal banging and booming too. Many perfect drum beats like always for the fast and suspenseful moments. Plus there's some good quiet piano music for the silent situations as well. Alot of perfect loud deep trombone playing too to top it off. All of this was put together by Claude Foisy which did the previous one and uses some of the same elements too.