Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012)

Written & Directed by: Declan O'Brien


.... Maynard
.... Sheriff Angela
.... Billy
.... Lita
Duncan Wisbey .... Mose
.... Gus
.... Julian
.... One Eye
.... Saw Tooth
.... Three Finger

Release Date: Screamfest Horror Film Festival: October 18, 2012

*Images courtesy at: www.cinemagia.ro





A small town in West Virginia is hosting the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween, as a bunch of costumed party goers roam around the county town as well as a bunch of college students on their way there before dusk only to be tricked by Maynard (Doug Bradley) while lying on the road and then all of them getting arrested for assault and possession of marijuana by the head Sheriff Angela () in which she doesn't realise that Maynard's people are the inbred hillbilly cannibals who track him down and decide to do their own style of trick or treating along the way.


We spot a moment with a stuck up female jogger running through the woods with the demented cannibals cornering her and she shows attitude towards them as this all looked quite cheesy to watch but yet nice shocking moments when one of them does something to her and she tries to escape and then we spot the lead character Maynard making out that he's helping her hide from them which seems way too easy and it gives you a sinking feeling that he's one of them. Definetely offers more horror violence when we find out on what happens here as well as some black comedy coming into the picture on this while the opening credits start to occur here. Looked totally intense too.
A bit more cheese is added in a plot with some teens planning to party out by driving to their Halloween party with marijuana as well as a near jumping moment with someone diving near the road since we know it's Maynard up to his tricks to try and fool them in order for his cannibal friends to kill them. Also we spot these friends beating the crap out of him which lacked inspiration and not seeming intense enough at all. Plus we have the police stopping all of this which seemed to draw in okay but needed to look a little more action like but this wasn't terrible by any means.
Also we spot a deputy watching out for anything and then a moment with the cannibals shooting him with an arrow and then alot of shocking slayings here which will please gore fans who love their horror violence in shocking ways as this looked well done.
Some great moments on the town with trick or treaters as well as the cannibals doing something gruesome to one of the friends about to go to a party while she's still alive and forcing her to do something which is not for everyone's stomach to take here as this gave a perfect psychological type of feel to all of this.
We spot many scene's involving Maynard getting aggressive and cold towards Sheriff Angela while he's behind bars and threatening her that her boys are coming for him in which this looked well focused as well as aggressive moments by Billy towards him which all looked very powerful to watch.
A nice moment with the supporting character Gus at their hotel room and one of the cannibals answering the door and one of the cannibals are there and he gets aggressive with him which leaves an impression that this isn't a good idea at all. Plus the shooting looked perfectly dark for this and a nice setting for a Halloween type of horror scene while we watch all of this.
WEe spot great close up shots on Gus being tortured to death while he's tied to the tow truck that we all remember from the previous films which looked cleverly done for a deadly moment here and nice close up shots on all of this making it hard to watch for people who can't stand insane torture.
Another perfect creepy moment is when one of the cannibals use a grass cutting machine and one of them is buried in the ground but his head and one of them tries to bury his friend out as well as great close up shots on this vehicle charging in and more terrific horror violence and tons of suspense here too.
Perfect dark moments with some of the characters like Sheriff Angela looking around the dark town with the power out and using their rifle to find these maniacs as this was terrifically done with all that's happening here.
A good moment with Maynard trying to tempt Lita into letting him out as this showed perfect peer pressure by how this was all put together and well focused too which makes you wonder if she'll get sucked into all of this.
Perfect situation with Mose charging full speed in his vehicle and then we spot barbwire in the middle of the road as well as the car tripping and exploding. Plus a perfect tortureous moment with him being kidnapped by the cannibals and putting him in a metal barrel and then lighting it up with good shots on him inside being in torture which is another perfect moment that's hard to watch imagining if you were in this situation. Perfectly done.
Bottom line is that this is almost as great as the original and done in a different type of style focusing mainly on a small town instead of just in the forest. It borrows alot from the Saw flicks as well as Silence of the Lambs when we spot the character Maynard as he seems like a Hannibal Lector type of personality. Yet he isn't deformed looking like the rest of his boys. It makes you wonder as to how he became a part of all this. I have to admit that this had a bad ending and seemed almost pointless in which we hope that someone will survive here. Let's hope for another sequel perhaps?

The acting was very well performed as Doug Bradley (Maynard) proved that he could wear many other hats than just Pinhead and does just so here by portraying another demented type of horror character. He for sure does well acting sneaky about stuff as well as having a perfect sneery type of speaking especially while he's in jail. He also offers a perfect wicked type of temptation towards one of the other on screen character's. He focused on all of this superbly acting beleieveably suspenseful and dramatic. Also was good on his blocking whenever he gets obnoxious too adding a nice punch towards all of this.
(Sheriff Angela) certainly drew her part in quite powerfully as the tough as nails leader of the law enforcement in which she was really dead on while making a commandment or getting tough and aggressive whenever she needed to be this way. She also was perfect at being serious and getting into the nitty gritty too while pointing a gun at someone and not letting an ounce of energy down at all. Was one of the best out of the cast and had the good sharp looks and appeal too which was another nice bonus to her role here.
(Billy) does a nice job with his aggressions and tough as nails behavior. Was great yelling and being threatening while locked in a cell and acting believeably annoyed by what's going on in the scene. Plus does a great job when freaking out with what is going to happen to him screaming in intense character getting into the mode a great deal. He for sure was a piece of dynamite with his adrenalised behavior.
(Lita) was well alreted with her whiney and cry baby type of attitude in which she drew it in all nicely and seemed beleiveable by being scrared with what is happening around her. Also was perfect by acting weak and confused when others are talking to her or trying to fool her in which she almost seemed convining by nearly being brainwashed by the surroundings as well as perfect by freaking out near the end of her performance and just going all the way by doing all of this.
Duncan Wisbey
(Mose) certainly had a real effective supporting role as a local drunk in which he does a nice job acting out of it with his speaking as well as coming across as a softy while behaving like this which was nice to see him doing all of this. He also was convincing with his wise type of appeal when reasoning with situations in which he seemed convincing as heroic while trying to help out. He for sure made his part as believeably likeable and playing a good hearted type in the film. Also was superb with him screaming in painful terror near the end of his role as he definetely knew what he was doing imagining by really being in the position that he was with what was happening to him. Definetely studied this part pretty well for what we see him do throughout his performance from start to finish.
(Gus) Had a great macho type of appeal and attitude as one of the horny teens at his hotel in which he showed a perfect cocky attitude and gruff behavior. Did nicely by acting aggressive while answering his motel door as you get a feeling that he'd be violent while starting to get pissed off. Plus knew his stuff while howling in terror while being tortured to death in which he did this perfectly bit by bit imagining what his painful situation would really feel.

A woman fornicates with her boyfriend in a tent breasts fully revealed.
A butchered woman with breasts revelaed is hung on a hook.
Another fully breasted woman is fornicating in a hotel room with her boyfriend.

A finger is chopped off a female joggers hand as well as her full and and other of her body is sliced.
Butchered corpse is revealed in the home of the cannibals.
Deputy is shot in the leg by an arrow as well as having his ears cut off and eaten.
Guts are torn out and forced to be eaten by the victim.
Body is ripped open by barb wire after a vehicle door is opened.
A person's body is crushed by a vehicle and then torn apart.
Bodies are run over by a grass cutting vehicle.
Woman's eyes are bloodied.
Someone is fried in a barrel with it being lit up.

More great sounds like the screeching sounds and old rusty type of scrapings which always worked in to what we spot here especially during the night in the town with the power outage. We also hear some guitar riffs which seems to work in especially for a bit of the opening credits. Of course there's the adventureous classical orchestra which sounds nice and clear. All of this was put together by Claude Foisy who did the same for the previous sequel too.