Wrong Turn 6: The Last Resort (2014)

Directed by: Valeri Milev

Written by: Frank H. Woodward


.... Danny
.... Jackson
Aqueela Zoll .... Toni
Sadie Katz .... Sally
Rollo Skinner .... Vic
.... Rod
.... Charlie
.... Bryan
.... Jillian
.... Three Finger
.... Saw Tooth
.... One Eye

Release Dates: Film4 FrightFest: August 22, 2014; Screamfest Horror Film Festival: October 17, 2014

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A mysterious inheritence brings Danny (Anthony Ilot) to a resort at Hobb Springs which he brings his friends to but are carefully watched by the owners Jackson (Chris Jarvis) and his sidekick Sally (Sadie Katz) who seems interested in him.
Also helping out at the resort are the inbred hillbilly cannibals that slaughter people there one by one which makes the resort pretty vacant for newcomers.


There's a nice low budget look of a beginning to the story with a couple hiking and bike riding in a forestry area since this seems to be a traditional beginning on the series of these flicks knowing that something is gonna happen and it starts off perfectly with a ton of horror violence involving these two and boy does a certain scene look gruesomely painful to the woman while barely alive which of course was nicely put in for anyone who would cringe over something like this.
There's some mild humor with one of the character's who owns the resort in the story named Chris Jarvis serving people at the restaurant there and an elderly woman hitting on him which looked a bit dry but added into the story after we spot on what happens to her and boy does it look fast and shocking. Also it's impressive when we see her in a hallway of the place alone and it's too quiet as it leaves an impression that something deadly is about to occur.
There's an impressive moment with Chris talking to the backwoods cannibals as we spot good dark shots on them in the wooded area while what is happening and talked about and a nice start to a sequel too.
Perfect moment with the group of friends arriving at the resort and greeted by Jackson as well as one of the employees Sally being too friendly towards the main character Danny which draws in your attention wondering if she's behind the madness going on with the backwoods people which was nicely put in.
Perfect situation and nicely focused one with Chris taking Danny out to the woods to help him shoot a deer as the discussion looked nicely done as well as a good shot on a deer along with a perfect shot on a sheriff looking for someone in the forest himself in which we spot him getting killed as this is a perfect brainteaser while we spot Danny shooting his arrow at the deer while this officer gets killed but it definetely explains the situations and boy does this scene look clever by how it was done.
It's disturbing when we spot the poor deer suffering and good close up shots on it's face and eyes when they go up close to this creature and Chris tells him to slit the throat. We really feel sorry for the animal by how it was done and can almost make you cry while watching this moment happen.
We spot many lustful segments involving the teens offering plenty of skin which I was thinking to myself that this is starting to ruin the story and not as good as the previous one's but yet it really starts to improve as well as offering alot of intense horror violence while we continue to watch on what happens so it still sticks to the roots on what we've seen before.
A perfect sharp and powerful situation between Danny and his girlfriend Toni during a heated argument and causing the other one to be upset which looked strongly put in to the story and dramatically done too.
Great moment when Danny is taken to a village full of the backwoods cannibals as well as good creepy close up shots on these locals and what is happening there which we've never seen the background history of the other one's before. All of this was drawn in nicely and the shots as well as the going on's draw you in.
A perfect moment on one of the victims being tortured to death in a perverted way which looked extremely painful and incredibly gruesome to watch since this was quite an original killing and not for someone who has a weak stomach or imagining the painful feeling of this either.
There's a great strong and terrorising moment with Toni being pitted against Sally which looked intense and powerful during their battles together as well as some tortureous moments that we see here too.
We also see in another scene with the chef's working in the kitchen at the resort which is not your every day meat and spotting by what we see here can really make you sick to your stomach.
Bottom line is that the film almost looked a bit pointless but it really improves and can still be enjoyed by the fans especially by how the killing went down on the victims here. You wonder if this will be the last one even if we want more since we spot on what happens in the end of the film. Worth checking out even if the make up effects on the hillbillies keep looking fake more and more each time we watch these sequels.

The acting seems to still do well as always but only certain one's stand out as I will do my best here. Lead actor (Danny) was one of the best performers in the cast. He does a great job with his powerful attitude and shows off a typical guy next door attitude. Also has a nice charm to his appeal too. Plus shows off a good disturbed type of feeling along with showing true aggressions too in other spots of the film. Reacts believeably well when he seems drunk after a ceremony and really getting into this too. Defientely shows off a good sketchy type of behavior. Plus really lunges in for the terror later on in the story. He had alot of charisma in his role.
(Jackson) as the evil one at the resort comes across a wee bit goofy within what he does here. However he gets into his part a great deal at the same time with his commandments and his cold speaking too. Plus focuses well in certain situations like the deer hunt and acting perfectly wicked. He shows a nice forceful type of behavior within whatever he does in his performance.
Aqueela Zoll (Toni) really adds alot into her part as someone whom is beautiful and has a good sharp and intelligent type of personality and comes across perfect for one of the main attractions in a horror flick. She does well with her romantic behavior as well as doing a good job by acting stern and aggressive during another scene during a heated argument. Plus she shows nice upsetting emotions too. Also shows off great energy while getting into a struggling battle and getting into this perfectly.
Sadie Katz
(Sally) was perfect in her role as the sketchy employee at the resort as she does well with her crazy and sleazy speaking as well as how she comes on strong towards one of the other cast members. Plus was great with her crazed and obsessive behavior too. Performs nicely when she is lustful. Also does a nice job when she gets cold and sneering especially going into battle. She was a ball of hyped up energy indeed.
Billy Ashworth
(Rod) seemed to do well with his nice guy and understanding role in the film. He is convincing when he shows a sympathetic type of behavior when something goes down for someone. He studied his part quite well and makes you want to like him and accept the fact he makes minor mistakes and is a good hearted type.
(Charlie) does a nice job playing a party animal type of guy with his stocky looks and really got into the fun with whatever he did acting full of life as well as portraying a happy go lucky type of teen. He grabbed my attention the most and had the most affective supporting role.

A woman takes off her top fully breasted while going into a hot spring in the forest as well as having her butt briefly revealed.
Many different scene's of womentaking it off breast and butt while getting into a lustful mode in the hotel whether it's in a steam room or in a bed in their room.
Nice moment on someone getting naked and lustful during a ceremony near a big bonfire.

Axe hits a woman imapling her to a wall and bloodied
A guy gets his head spewed by an arrow in the woods
His girlfriend has the side of her head slicked by barbwire and her neck cut off as well as her other body parts
A sheriff gets is chest stabbed by an arrow
Legs and arms are chopped off by a lustful couple in a steam room
Machette is stabbed in someone's head
Fingers are sliced off
Someone has a hose in him and water and blood bursts out of his stomach
Leg is chopped off as well as someone's face burned in hot water
Body is sliced open with insides falling out and canniballs eating it
Body parts are revealed in a kitchen as well as being prepped for meals

The music sounds great by Claude Foisey in which he has alot of great hissing and banging as well as drumming sounds as well as other noises and loud metal clanging plus many great dark sounds along with the fast smooth adventereous music giving it an echoey effect too along with piano playing and many more which this composer really worked hard on alot of this stuff.