Zombie Apocalypse (2011)


Directed by: Nick Lyon

Written by:
Craig Engler & Brooks Peck


Ving Rhames .... Henry
Lesley-Ann Brandt .... Cassie
Taryn Manning .... Ramona
Gary Weeks .... Mack
Lilan Bowden .... Myrah
Johnny Pacar .... Julien
Robert Blanche .... Brockton
Gerald Webb .... Kevin Anderson
Anya Monzikova .... Sara
Eddie Steeples .... Billy

Release Date:
Made-for-Cable: October 29, 2011

*Images courtesy at: www.cinemagia.ro






During the 2012 apocalypse of the living dead invading the Earth, a group of soldier survisors travel around the deserted city to try and reach a harbour to a ferry that apparently leads to a rumored sanctuary island not sure if it exists but are constantly being invaded by zombie people and animals as well.


We spot some cheesy but not overly cheesy effects on the city going wild or on fire as well as planes crashing into buildings which for sure makes the terrorist attack look nothing compared to what we see on the screen here since this looked disturbing nonetheless adding a nice start to the story revealing the apocalypse.
There's many situations with the army struggling against zombie attacks by shooting them and things like that but it really looked pointless by all that is happening here leaving an impression that the story is going to be pointless but it does get better along the way.
There's a good silent moment with them looking into a store and trying to call out asking if humans are around which was a cheesy written one liner but things almost make you jump when these zombies spring out and are about to attack. There's also great intense situations when a group of zombies gang up on one of them making it hopeless to save this poor person as it for sure looked psychological with the other wondering what to do.
A nice well focused scene between the supporting characters Mack and Ramona discussing the losses on people they had which showed good camera shots and well dramatised too within all of this. Also shows some good writing and focusing well on their backgrounds too. Then a great jumping moment when a zombie dog trying to attack which is different in a living dead flick for sure and looked incredibly terrifying when everyone tries to find a way on stopping this animal before it hurts someone as this looked incredibly well done and showing perfect horror timing too.
Nice uplifiting situations when everyone is at a diner and cooking the food there which makes you want to join in and looking cheerful with all that is happening in this scene.
A nice still moment when someone slowly goes to the door about to open it which gives you the chills that something's gonna happen and for sure this was a great jumping moment when this does happen.
A nice interaction with Cassie talking towards Henry adding a good touching moment when she warms up to him and discussing on him being a friend which was another nice writing for the story adding some interesting moments instead of just adding nonstop terror into the story here.
A good moment when someone is about to go to an outhouse and open it which you have a bad feeling that zombie's will spring out and this was another great surprising moment when he does open the door to it.
We spot a perfect moment when Henry is battling against a hulking looking zombie and what to do to try and snuff this dude as this was another great eye catcher here. Also nice camera angle shots on people using a bow and arrow and carefully focusing to make sure they hit each zombie running up and trying to attack.
A perfect sad moment when one of them reveals a zombie bite on him as well as other people's interactions with this. Also a great moment when he turns and starts going ballistic as the moments here looked perfectly intense and terrorising too.
Perfect moments when the survivors are at the harbour as well as something suspicious lurking around and what we spot is a zombie man eating tiger which added some nice cheesy special effects with this ferocious things leaping at Henry making this moment totally watchable and entertaining. I found this moment to be the best scene throughout the films run. Also a good sad moment and discussion between him and Cassie making the story look good within this nearing it's ending.
Bottom line is this film does lack in alot of spots but entertaining in others making it above average but we've seen film's like this before but not with animals turning into zombie's as well which adds to an original touch here. For Asylum Entertainment this was made on a very good budget which I was pretty impressed here. Also nicely focused onto the characters as well.

The acting is well performed but only a few were worth mentioning for their performance as lead actor Ving Rhames (Henry) was a pro since his work in Dawn of the Dead as he shows a pretty similar presence in this one too acting tough and gruff with his speaking plus knew on how to command others and has a great strong speaking in his voice as well as a good seriousness in his personality. Plus does a nice job warming up to others from time to time adding a nice touch to this as well. I always liked his work in shows as he has a good strong motive in whatever he does here.
Lesley-Ann Brandt (Cassie) showed off a good sharp personality in her role by having a good strong willed attitude which showed off here nicely as well as having a convincing smart attitude too. She shows off some great energy and characteristics within everything as well as having a nice light hearted behavior. She shows off some nice aggressions and having a good emotional type of behavior too.
Taryn Manning (Ramona) was quite impressive coming across as a basket case in the film due to her emotional attitude and does well by acting disturbed whenever she gets upset with things as well as showing good upsetting expressions too. She really knew how to drive this out a great deal and seemed to be on her feet pretty good due to performing everything here.
Gary Weeks (Mack) was one of the best in the cast here as he draws attention the most onto the screen especially showing a nice believeable symathetic attitude along with really getting into a serious and touching conversation whenever he needed to do this which he brought to life a great deal here. Also shows off some good energy with his emotions when the suspensel or upsetting moments start to happen which he added alot of charisma while doing this. Plus had the right clean cvut type of look which was another plus that works well in his favor.
Johnny Pacar
(Julien) seemed to do an okay job as a young solider in the flick as well as having good upsetting reactions to what has happened to him as well. The only other times he stands out is when he first starts to not feel well and then going into a ballistic rage when he changes which he really studied this moment superbly and bringing it to a high intense pace here.

Zombie's are feasting on people.
Zombie's heads are crushed, blown off or stabbed with arrows.
Body pieces are revealed at a harbour.
Bloody scratch marks are shown on a victim.

The music sounds good and strong with nice classical music sounding mainstream for an indie flick such as this one which the makers were fortunate to have here. We have trombone msuic as well as alot of heavy metal clanging and heavy beats too in alot of the fast action paced scene's. Plus there's more fitting sad sounds when there's some tragic moments used which showed great timing. Also we hear the odd hissing sounds too which was not too shabbily done either. All of this was put together by Chris Ridenhour