Zombie Strippers (2008)


Written, Cinematographed, Edited & Directed by: Jay Lee


Robert Englund .... Ian
Jennifer Holland .... Jessy
Johnny Hawkes .... Davis
Joey Medina .... Paco
Carmit Levité .... Blavatski
.... Berenge
Jenna Jameson .... Kat
.... Jeannie
.... Gaia
.... Lilith
Penny Drake .... Sox
Asante Jones .... Terrence

Release Date: Glasgow Film Festival: February 23, 2008; Limited Theatrical: April 18, 2008 (USA); Limited Theatrical: August 14, 2008 (Australia)

*Images courtesy at: www.outnow.ch






In the not too distant future a secret government re-animation chemo-virus gets released into conservative Sartre, Nebraska and one of the squad members who are battling some zombie's gets bitten and lands into an underground strip club as he attacks one of the strippers named Kat (Jenna Jameson) whom herself becomes a part of the undead and goes wild with her strip dance and the people love it as well she kills others she brings backstage as well as infecting other strippers.
The club owner Ian (Robert Englund) realises that his shows are making money and gets greedy but can't cope with situations when all hell breaks loose at his club which causes him and his other employees as well the the customers in danger.


There's some slapstick moments with the people at the laboatory discussing on what they did with a window revealing zombie's going crazy which looked perfectly intense to watch as well as someone trying to beg them to be saved as this for sure looked truly disturbing. Then more pointless and silly discussions happening here.
However there's some fun action happening with a squad on the watch out for zombie's and blowing them away as well as a neat sci-fi moment on their gun trying to nuke them all out at the same time which certainly looked different by spotting this.
An effective moment with one of the soldiers who got bitten by a zombie struggling to hide out and then crashing into a strip club which looked impressive to watch as well as him falling down and passing out which leaves things a mystery within all of this making you wonder if he will rise as a zombie himself.
Good interations with the other strippers talking shit about the primadonna one who happens to be Kat strutting her stuff which showed nice close ups on the girls discussing all of this looking good and natural.
Some impressive shots on a newcomer stripper who happens to be Jessy with effective shots on the people cheering and going nuts as well as her too scared to do the dancing which gives a psychological feel to it all.
A perfect shot on Kat going on stage again as well as this soldier leaping at her which for sure catches you by surprise and looking energetic as well as him feasting on her as this looked perfectly shocking and should please the fans of zombie flicks.
Also a nice shot on Kat rising after being discovered that she was killed and speaking coldly getting ready to spring into action again which looked perfectly wild especially when she goes on stage doing an insane dance with perfect fast action moments on all of this looking good and zany as this was a different look on a born again zombie for sure.
Also a real interesting situation when she takes one of the people into her backstage area as well as a lustful moment on what she does to him and a perfect shocking and painful situation she does to him as this doesn't look pretty to watch at all.
Also a real dynamic moment when Lilith is a born again zombie going on the stage doing jumping jacks and zany moments like that which is also different in a zombie flick and can be entertaining to watch. Plus a good moment when she brings 3 guys to join her backstage with Kat and then they attack them which was done in a fast action mode and shocking to watch as well with the slaughtering moments we spot.
Some may get a kick out of Ian and his crew carrying a decapitated head which acts aggressively towards them offering both a comedic and horror timing and was necessary to put into the story for sure.
Nice moments with Ian and his crew bringing the male victims into a cellar of the bar that are now zombies and locking them away as well as good close up shots on the zombies reaching out their arms and trying to attack as this looked sharply done.
There's an interesting moment with a stuck up stripper Jeannie getting the soldier zombie to bite her to compete against Kat out of jealousy which seemed to work into the story as well as a corny moment on her imitating a situation used in the movie The Warriors by how she goes onto the stage to try and battle against her stripping on the floor as well as some interesting battling moments on how they hurt one another.
Also good moments when the people in the cellar escape and hell breaks loose in the bar as the tension looked good by what was going on here.
A nice well focused moment with one of the crew named Paco getting ready for battle loading his gun as well as his interactions on things which looked truly bizarre and corny to watch but seemed to work in for the comedy while the horror is happening in other situations.
Things do sizzle up when the squad comes in to try and save the day as there's a clever way on one of them blowing a zombie stripper down to the core here which should be a real pleaser for anyone who loves horror violence.
Bottom line is that although there was some good potential like mentioned on what happened it gets a little much and a bit zany with the strippers getting carried away making everything look like the living dead there without making much more of a plot while it lags on. It became tiresome and too long to watch which failed to make the flick average as it was getting really stupid as it looked like whoever wrote this was starting to run out of ideas here.

The acting seems to work out well here as lead actor Robert Englund (Ian) was one of the show stealers here portraying a greedy businessman at his lounge in which he certainly sutided this part pretty well here. Does a nice job acting like a pussy at times as well as having a good sneering attitude too when he's not happy about something as he really let's this all out. Plus he does well with his pbsessive attitude on making money for his business which also delivered well along with showing some decwent timing with his comedic side to everything too like acting frightened when the terror strikes and situations like that.
Jennifer Holland
(Jessy) seemed to deliver well as the brainy one of the bunch who's a newcomer at the strip joint in which she adds a nice decency to her role here. Also does well with her nervous emotional attitude while acting uncomfortable going on the dance floor. She showed off a good focus within this. Also knew on how to change her seriousness into acting kooky in certain spots and seemed to pull that off okay showing a nice versatality here. Shows off some nice energy too.
Johnny Hawkes (Davis) pulls off his part in an average situation as he knew on how to have at times an insecure attitude and totally came across well as a wimpy type of pussy too with his choked up words towards others now and then which he drew in pretty good when that moment happens. Had the okay wimpy type of looks but yet not looking nerdy either.
Joey Medina
(Paco) was perfectly convincing playing a typical dimwitted idiot of the crew at the bar in which he really knew on how to get into a situation which really looked powerful by what he does. Also does well with his Spanish accent in which he speaks well with his words. Plus knew on how to act comedic for the comedy in the film acting like a convincing ham here. Focused well on preparing for battle which he strongly concentrated with this situation.
Carmit Levité (Blavatski) was another nice example with her accent and acted perfectly slick into what she did here as well as having a strong personality towards others. Also does a nice job while pleading towards an onscreen zombie showing off some good energy into this. Basically she added some good spunk into her portrayal and can be remembered by what she did while performing her character.
(Berenge) was bang on with her performance here acting perfectly sharp by what she says and how she approaches people as well as having a perfct no nonsense type of attitude too. Seemed to really get into her role big time here as well as doing well in a scene by getting in someone's face with an idle threat and acting perfectly aggressive without over doing it.
Porn queen Jenna Jameson (Kat) lived to portray a primadonna stripper in which she really made her role totally believeable with her cocky type of behavior towards others which shines off perfectly here as well as having a perfect snotty reactions towards others and getting aggressive perfectly well within what she had to do. She really brought up the energy to a high pace when she's a born again zombie really acting electrifying on the dance floor just going into it as well as having a perfect vicious type of attitude as well when she attacks someone. Plus acts like a total evil type of warrior when she goes into battle with someone else really focusing on what she did here. She was the most attention grabber out of the whole cast here.
(Jeannie) does another nice job as one of those aggressive types who came across as someone that you don't want to mess with having a perfect stuck up and bitchy attitude by how she came across onto the camera. Also had the beautiful looks which were another plus here. Also shows a perfect versatality when she's a born again zombie really springing into action and acting convincingly wild by what she does.
(Gaia) had the nice pretty girl looks as well as her soft speaking too and coming across as a typical airhead but how she did this was a little much and was quite annoying alot of the times when we saw her going into action. I found her lustful looks did more of the talking than her performance since she was a bit over the top and mellodramatic too.
(Lilith) certainly had a good mysterious feel to her part as a gothic stripper and seemed to get into her role pretty nicely. Does well with her silent motive as well as really acting perfectly dynamic and vicious on the dance floor when she's a born again zombie like some of the other cast members mentioned here. Came across as an athlete for sure with her dancing modes which was great.

Many strippers take off their top exposing their breasts big time while dancing and various scene's including when they're zombies battling others also the odd butt shots too as well as perfect round breast implants at times their crotch is briefly revealed but it's too dark to spot it fully.

Lots of neck bites bloody spraying.
Arms are torn off in various scene's.
Zombie's head are bloodily blown off.
Lots of flesh being eaten off.
Flesh is torn off a zombie stripper.
A zombie stripper is being blown piece by piece.
A decapitated head is revealed.
Heads are split open as well as some people's jaws.

The music seemed to fit in okay as we have alot of good hissing sounds as well as real strong trombone playing for the terrors about to happen as well as some heavy drumbeats and metal clanging which sounds perfectly intense. Also the odd high pitched female chanting sounds were fairly catchy too. There's even some good Spanish trumpet playing for when when of the Mexican employees is about to go into battle which blends in nicely too. All of this was put together by Billy White Acre

Paco: Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers!

Jeannie: You're fucking dead!
Kat: I was, but now I'm back!
Sox: Not possible. This is not possible.
Lillith: How does it feel?
Kat: Great. I've never felt more alive!
Gaia: Oh sweet irony!
[Kat turns to walk away]
: Hey, where are you going?
: I'm going to dance.

Lillith: [after stripping for the first time as a zombie] Death is good.

Jessy: They're zombies.
Madame Blavatski
: No. They're strippers.
: [cocking shotgun] They're zombie strippers!