Zombies Vs. Strippers (2012)


Directed by: Alex Nicolaou

Written by:
Nick Francomano, Alex Nicolaou & Kent Roudebush


Circus-Szalewski .... Spider
Eve Mauro .... Sugar Hills
Brittany Gael Vaughn .... Vanilla
Adriana Sephora .... Jasmine
Adam Brooks .... Spike
Brad Potts .... Red Wings
J. Scott .... Marvin
Victoria Levine .... Bambi
Patrick Lazzara .... Richard
Jonathan Erickson Eisley .... Rudy
Paul Vinson .... Goon
Tanner Horn .... DJ Bern
Don Baldaramos .... Bobby

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: July 9, 2012






A bunch of employees and an employer at a strip joint stay cooped up as hell broke loose since the dead walks amongst the earth eating human flesh and try to find a way on snuffing these living corpses out which involves the strippers themselves as well as a bunch of tough bikers.


There's a nice flashy opening credits with colourised effects on strippers dancing but then it goes downhill from there in which we have alot of lame discussions mainly involving the head bar owner Spider and his strippers as well as other people's reactions which doesn't look at all amusing to watch and flat out lame.
Also we have moments where there's the music going on during segments suiting the plot and then we spot a record playing in the DJ booth skipping over and over which was supposed to make you laugh while being caught in the act but this fails and looks uninspiring. Also there's close up shots on the DJ Bern hosting with the strippers doing their dances while he's playing music as this psychas you out a bit by what he's saying and the setting looked weirdly done by what he was doing here.
We spot a mysterious pair looking out of it sitting down to watch a stripper dance for them but while watching this it gives you the impression that these two are zombie's yet the moments here looked pretty stale to watch this. However there's a moment with Spider talking to them and we reveal shocking moments on what these two do to one another's fingers. This was supposed to make others freak out but the reactions looked very amateurish with the surroundings going on here.
Things do look mildly exciting when more zombie's try to get into the strip club crying for brains and acting aggressive as well as some odd shocking moments on one of them biting some skin off of a bouncer and good shocked reactions to all of this. Also nice struggling moments on them trying to battle against them.
There's a good witty moment I must say when a customer named Richard tries to come in and Spider tries to cover up saying a private event is happening and cover charge is 300 dollars and is game for it which you don't expect that every day as well as him really getting into the strip show as this looked mildly entertaining to watch.
A nice outdoors shot with some biker like goons lead by Red Wings strutting towards the bar as well as them blowing away some zombie's outside and entering the place introducing themselves with good sarcastic and tough situations between the three of them as well as Spider acting ignorant towards them as the timing was right on target for this moment and nice timing for a comedy horror such as this one to have character's like them involved in the middle of the story here. One of the only good moments in the story unfortunately.
We cut into a scene with the bouncer Marvin whining and crying as well as a bimbo stripper named Bambi acting flirtatious lusting with him which looked just as clever as watching a bad Troma Team flick with all this going on. There's good shots looking down on Marvin slowly acting out of it and then dying as well as him being a born again zombie along with a good shocking moment on what he's about to do to Bambi's face plus the two of them eating each other's flesh which should please gore hounds who like dark comedy into this.
We spot a punk named Spike doing it with another stripper doggystyle as I was thinking ho hum to myself since the lusting and gruesomeness so far is the only drawing card to the storyline here.
We also spot struggling moments with the zombies attacking the others as well as one of them tearing off a top from a stripper which I was thinking typical but there's a moments which really grabs your attention that there's a Michael Jackson zombie out of this bunch which seems to spoof his music video Thriller as this was out of the ordinary so a nice pointer there but still doesn't save the film regardless.
A nice discussion between Red Wings and Vanilla on what they will do when they survive the mandess of the zombie's which looked impressive to watch but then a shocking moment that happens to him as this can upset the viewers since he was the most likeable character in the story.
We also spot an annoying situation between Spider and his main stripper Sugar Hills on what to do as their arguments looked really irritationg and out of place as well as to what happens to Spider himself involving a zombie as this was really lame to watch her freaking out and the situations looked terribly slow too.
Bottom line is that this film is a total ripoff to Return of the Living Dead along with using cheesy comedy from similar one liner situations on the 2005 flick Feast as if that one wasn't bad enough. Thank god it wasn't a long movie as I would've been in agony to watch it and leaves a door open for a sequel as well as spotting two topless strippers driving away on a motorbike which I hope one will never arise. The film would've looked more entertaining if the picture was done in a grindhouse fashion which it doesn't. This one had nothing going for it which is best to avoid at all costs.

The acting is way too over the top and cheesy in which lead actor Circus-Szalewski (Spider) was too corny with his gruff behavior and seemed rather very annoying in what he does here trying to show off some energy but just being too much. He had the wimpy looks for his features which suits his part and tries hard to get into character but just doesn't cut it. Not everyone was meant to be in the business and he was a perfect example here.
Eve Mauro (Sugar Hills) was incredibly annoying with her whiney type of behavior and got on my nerves big time by what she did here. Seems to do well with her sleazy type of attitude which grabs your attention but that's nothing to brag about either. Also was terribly phony with her aggressions as well as her screaming and frightened attitude in which this looked totally amateurishly done.
Brittany Gael Vaughn
(Vanilla) however seemed to add some good spunk into her role not taking crap from anyone and acting perfectly tough. Seemed to come across strongly within what she did here and had the right looks and motivation too. She also had the perfect looks for all of this to top it all off. I just loved her style and found that she was too good to be in an awful film like this one.
Adam Brooks
(Spike) was another born amateur as the looks only did the talking here with his wild rocker outfit but was wimpy in his performance as he was supposed to play a tough guy in the flick and just couldn't pull it off whatsoever. He was also very stale when he tries to get it on with a woman and not getting into the surroundings. Seemed like he just wanted a gig and then be done with it.
Brad Potts (Red Wings) stole the film with his performance as he was a natural ham in what he did here as well as making his part very tough but yet really likeable too. He does well swaggering around as well as his his gun which looked believeable as a tough biker type along with having a nice witty attitude along with his sarcasm as well. Plus showed a good hearted attitude in which he made that come across realistic too. His big brauny looks were a real bonus as he lived to portray this role.
J. Scott
(Marvin) had the perfect looks to portray a bouncer as well as coming acorss nicely onto the camera but his acting skills were way too over the top and was another whiner in the flick who got on my nerves. He just seemed way too mellodramatic for what he did. Pretty much a wooden actor but yet when he is about to slowly die seemed to do the trick here as well as lunging out when he's a born again zombie which offered some decent energy by what he did here.
Victoria Levine (Bambi) seemed to come across well as an innocent acting type of stripper with a sensitive attitude but when she really tries to get into her role she really fails and when she tries to act lustful it's a disaster watching her perform as she really can't get into this at all which is sad. Seemed like she graduated out of modelling academy.
Patrick Lazzara (Richard) however was another natural ham like some of the people mentioned here as he added alot of great charisma into his role acting believeably full of life and wanting action which looked incredibly energetic and not letting his characteristics down. Plus had the perfect hunky guy looks which added to his role a great deal here. Seemed to really get into the mode when he watches a stripper perform acting wild and crazy which looked impressive. Also does well freaking out and panicking when he is about to get attacked by onscreen zombies.
Tanner Horn (DJ Bern) did his job in a fair pace as he had a nice voice for doing a zany type of hosting as this gets your attention and showed okay timing for the comedy too. Seemed to do okay as a pothead too by the way he did things. Plus does well with his comedic timing when he's a born again zombie so he deserves a good pat on the back for trying.

Many stripper take off their top exposing their breasts big time while dancing.
The strippers are topless full frotnal breasts while off their duty at the lounge.
A strippers top is torn off when a zombie tries to attack her.
Breasts closely revealed while a stripper has sex with a bouncer.
Two topless strippers run outside and get away on a motorbike which looked ridiculous.
The nudity here was the total drawing card.

Many flesh is bitten off of victims.
An eyeball is hanging loose on a zombie.
Body parts and people's insides are chewed up or torn out and eaten.
A face is bitten off.
A small piece of a butt is chewed off.
Zombie's head explodes.
Zombie's are blown away.
Lots of violent bloodsheds especially spraying on others.

The music was well done which is the only important thing in the movie itself as we hear some underground water effects used by a synthesizer which sounds beautifully peaceful along with bass violin plucking used for the slapstick comedy. Plus we hear some fast paced Spanish type electric guitar playing almost sounding similar to the Pulp Fiction opening theme song or watching a grindhouse flick. Also we hear a thrash metal guitar playing for a mosh pit zombie battle which fits in nicely even if I hated that kind of music. There's the odd violin playing too which sounds okay as well all put together by William Levine and Ryan McGuffin.