Blood Surf (2000)


Directed by: James D.R. Hickox

Written by: Sam Bernard & Robert L. Levy


Dax Miller .... Bog Hall
Kate Fischer .... Cecily
Taryn Reif .... Arti
Duncan Regehr .... John Dirks
Joel West .... Jeremy
Matthew Borlenghi .... Zach Jardine
Maureen Larrazabal .... Lemmya Lofranco
Cris Vertido .... Sonny Lefrance
Susan Africa .... Melba Lofranco

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: December 4, 2000 (UK)




An MTV style filmmaker named Cecily (Kate Fischer) and her crew go films the latest and most dangerous craze in extreme sports hosted by Bog Hall (Dax Miller) and Jeremy (Joel West) which is called bloodsurfing as they surf along waves with a pack of sharks and trying to not fall in with these sharks.

It's a happy time for them but they also encounter a bitter hunter named John Dirks (Duncan Regehr) whom is upset about some people that turned out dead.

While these partygoers still continue to film their documentaries to another island they also run into a gigantic salt water crocodile who has an appetite for these people plus they run into a group of local pirates as it doesn't make things simpler for them along with some deadly traps set on this island.


The plot of this film is way too fast with the tourists arriving and then partying which makes you wonder why there's not enough reasoning for what is happening. It's quite cheesy but it has some interesting moments. There's good shots on the island as well as the surfing in the ocean with the waves.
There's a nice shot on both Bog and Jeremy surfboarding on some waves along with sharks. We also spot a good setting on Cecily filming them and suddenly sharks are circling her. It for sure made me wonder if she will fall on their prey in which I must admit this kept me watching to see as to whether or not she's going to be attacked. It was fairly well done.
While everyone is enjoying their time on a somewhat deserted island of course we spot a surfer fornicating with his girlfriend in a lagoon in which this moment was well concentrated and of course a typical situation in a horror flick.
We spot a nice cheesy suspenseful moment with the group of friends running off the pier with the croc going under it and smashing it apart following them. Lots of heartpounding action with them running away and then there's pirates kidnapping these people looks quite corny too and uninspired.
I enjoyed a moment with one of the friends whom is Zach trying to save his own skin and not caring for others as well as becoming incredibly annoying by getting on what he deserves as this was nicely put into the story.
There's a nice cheesy shot on the croc jumping up from the water as well as it chasing Cecily when she swims to the boat as you wonder if she will make it since the croc is right on her tail.
A good situation when Jeremy is showing an aggression by stabbing the croc and it looked impressive when he is thrown in the air by this creature.
The most suspenseful scene was when the croc crashes through the boat about to attack the pirate John Dirks and boy does it look graphic as to what happens to him which gorehounds will love.
The surviving group of friends try to lure this animal into a deadly trap and when we think that this beast is dead we have a dumb blonde kicking at it and getting pissed off as we all get a feeling that this isn't a good idea at all.
One of my favourite moments is when Cecily challenges one of the pirates which looked good and tough as I had a feeling that she will let him fall into a trap as this looked clever to watch.
Bottom line is that this story is a little rushed but it does eventually slow down so we can understand it a bit more but the story is quite pointless as there's no reason why this croc is after these tourists and chasing them for no good reason at all. Best to skip this and watch Crocodile instead.

The acting is quite average as it didn't do anything for me. Lead actor Dax Miller (Bog Hall) seemed to just have the good looks in the film as he didn't seem convincing to play a character. Yet he is very energetic when he lets out his aggressions so I will give him good credit for that.
Kate Fischer (Cecily) seemed to do not too bad as a tough Australian as she knew how to stand her ground. She was sharp within her speaking as well as her performance too. Plus does well by standing up to someone in order to trick them which she really packs a punch while doing this.
Taryn Reif (Arti) came across well onto the camera with her presence and good looks in which she seemed to do an okay job when getting aggressive as well as acting like a ditz whenever she came across that way.
uncan Regehr (John Dirks) was impressive as a redneck shark hunter as well as with his cold attitude staring at the water on the boat with his speargun waiting for the croc to rise. Has a goood aggression within his speaking and was a powerful force of nature here. He was the best in the cast.
Matthew Borlenghi
(Zach Jardine) was fine as the typical clown of the clan but he wasn't funny. He for sure came across as truly annoying with his sarcasm making you want to dislike him big time. He was a bit stale within his characteristics though and needed a bit more inspiration.

There's a wild lustful scene that involves Taryn Reef and her breasts are exposed. She also does some sunbathing as well as relaxing in the water too.

People are chewed up
A man is bitten in half
A pirate is stabbed by wooden spikes

Jim Manzie shows some nice adventure type guitar playing like what you'd see in a spy film. He also has some interesting other types of music too which blends in well. Alot of crashing and banging sounds which works for a flick like this as well as some strong classical music and powerful synthesuzer composing too. Also there's the odd peaceful music when the gang is having a good time on the island as well as the close to near ending too which is nice and relaxing.

Cecily Herrold: I guess that's what you call a crocteaser