Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)


Directed by: Bill Condon

Written by:
Rand Ravich & Mark Kruger

Executive Produced & Story by:
Clive Barker


Tony Todd .... Candyman
Kelly Rowan .... Annie Tarrant
William O'Leary .... Ethan Tarrant
Bill Nunn .... Reverend Ellis
Matt Clark .... Honore Thibideaux
David Gianopoulos .... Detective Ray Levesque
Fay Hauser .... Pam Carver
Joshua Gibran Mayweather .... Matthew Ellis
Timothy Carhart .... Paul McKeever
Veronica Cartwright .... Octavia Tarrant

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: March 17, 1995



In a town of New Orleans when a Mardi Gras party happens an author named Phillip Purcell (Michael Culkin) talks about his novel on the Candyman (Tony Todd) on if he's real or a myth by looking in the reflection on his book and calling his name 5 times then entertains the audience with someone attacking him with a hook for all fun. But however, the Candyman kills him later on in a washroom after a disturbed man named Ethan Tarrant (William O'Leary) tells him what he has done.
Then Ethan's sister Annie (Kelly Rowan) is teaching at school and says the Candyman's name 5 times and thinks nothing of it. Later on the Candyman shows up in her apartment and kills her boyfriend Paul McKeever (Timothy Carhart) and then later on telling her that she's pregnant with his baby and continues to kill her loved one's one by one as she tries to get help but people only think that the Candyman is just a story and that Annie is the suspect to all the murders going on.


The beginning shows a nice beginning with a supporting character Phillip Purcell talking about the Candyman whether he's a myth or not and staring into his reflective novel saying his name 5 times which leaves a nice impression to the story.
The sequel was again average but still a passable story. It showed a nice moment about the Candyman impregnating someone he tries to control this time as it was something new.
There's a good moment with him walking down the street and Ethan Tarrant coming up to him and acting obnoxious about the Candyman being unleashed which looked very well done and Phillip getting cocky about it all.
We have a good shot with Phillip in a washroom and then a power flicking as he reacts well getting a little nervous. There's also a good shot on the Candyman standing behind a doorway to the washroom and then a nice approach on him behind Phillip about to do him in.
There's many good discussions between Annie and Ethan with her growing impatient with him at a table and getting aggressive and later on Annie losing control and smashing a glass wall which looked intense.
We have a nice moment with Annie in a classroom going to the mirror and saying the Candyman's name 5 times which was strongly done on her not taking it seriously and almost being hesitant to say it the fifth time. We also have a good shot on a window with a bee on the window then falling to the ground and dying and then a good shot on Annie with Matthew Ellis touching her shoulder.
There's a good presence with Candyman coming up to Annie with his deadly speaking towards her and her sobbing and acting scared which looked good.
We have a great shot on the Candyman picking up Paul McKeever with his hook with a good moment on him chocking in pain.
There's a great emotional moment with Paul telling Pam Carver on what had happened with good camera shots on each of their faces when this happens.
We have a good scene between Annie and Honore Thibideaux showing her some stuff of painting pictures and discussing about the Candyman. There's also a good shot on Honore going to a blanket where there's some bees on it and removes it with the Candyman suddenly rising up and Honore looking shocked along with nice effects shots on bees swarming over his face which looked quite creepy.
We have a nice emotional moment between Ethan and Annie having another discussion at the table.
There's a perfect moment with Detective Ray Levesque acting obnoxious and abusive towards Ethan by throwing him around and trying to force him to say the Candyman's name at a mirror and then there's a good shot on the Candyman himself behind Ray with a hook and Ethan is freaking out. Then we have a good shot on Ethan running and then being shot down which looked great.
There's a good emotional moment with Annie getting demanding with Octavia Tarrant about situations as she does well crying along with the Candyman coming up behind Octavia and putting his hook near her face.
We spot a good shot and weak reaction on Octavia crawling on the floor and pressing an alarm after being stabbed by the Candyman.
There's a perfect shot on Annie running down a fleet of stairs showing great energy to this.
We have a perfect moment with the Candyman coming up to Annie and convincing her to come to him and explains his past life. There's great intense shots on him during a flashback moment being tortured to death in a field making it hard to watch.
We have some terrific shots on Annie smashing things in a room trying to find something and screaming with shots on the graffiti walls.
There's many great shots on a broken down house with her trying to struggle from some muddy water with pieces of wood from the house tearing apart.
A good shot on her rising her head staring coldly towards the Candyman while holding a hand mirror.
Bottom line: The sequel was again average but still a passable story. It showed a nice moment about the Candyman impregnating someone he tries to control this time as it was something new.
However, when someone called the Candyman's name it seemed too obvious that he was going to show up right away to do a killing as in the first film only once or twice his name was called through a mirror and making his appearance very mysterious. But again this is a sequel so we all know what's going to happen anyways.
We have a great ending when you think the nightmare is almost over it just about isn't that involves the Candyman's child. I'm not saying one way or the other what happens in the ending so you have to watch it yourself but it does make you want to watch part 3 for sure.
We also spot some flashbacks on how the Candyman got his name and how he was killed too making it hard to watch but well done at the same time.

The acting is quite good as Tony Todd (Candyman) still showed his evil charm with his deep and deadly voice. He knows this part inside out for sure.
Kelly Rowan
(Annie Tarrant) knew her stuff in the film showing great aggressions when she needed to and knew how to cry along with her other emotions whenever this was necessary. She was a true character actress.
William O'Leary
(Ethan Tarrant) was another great actor who knew how to act disturbed and obnoxious about the Candyman legend in the film. His part was very necessary for a sequel without a doubt and didn't let us down with what he had to do.
avid Gianopoulos (Detective Ray Levesque) was perfect as a nasty detective in the film showing a believeable demanding attitude and was convincing when he had to act violent too especially throwing someone around and getting demanding.
Joshua Gibran Mayweather
(Matthew Ellis) really brought on his charm as a teenage highschool student showing lots of good aura and energy about him. Two thumbs up.
Timothy Carhart
(Paul McKeever) showed a great bubbly attitude to his part as the boyfriend to the lead actress in the film acting full of character to his part and we can never forget him. He brought everything to his part and showing a good sense of humor too.
Veronica Cartwright
(Octavia Tarrant) never let me down with any show I've seen her in and was perfect with someone who had a dark secret about her ex-husband and was perfect on her sobbing before her last performance in the film.

There's a camera shot looking down on Kelly Rowan as we nearly see a breast shot on her but her arms are covering most of her breasts.

The Candyman stabs many of his victims through the chest with his hook and plenty of blood
A person's face is devoured by bees
The Candyman's hand is sawed off during a flashback scene and boy is it ever graphic looking
The Candyman falls apart piece by piece

We have many wonderful chanting sounds throughtout the suspenseful moments of the film along with the odd nice organ music which is composed by Philip Glass who did the music for the first film and still has the perfect touch in whatever he does for the story.

Ethan Tarrant: You're next, Purcell! Groin to gullet!