Carnosaur (1993)


Written & Directed by: Adam Simon


Diane Ladd .... Dr. Jane Tiptree
Raphael Sbarge .... Doc Smith
Jennifer Runyon .... Ann Thrush
Harrison Page .... Sheriff Fowler
Ned Bellamy .... Fallon
Clint Howard .... Slim Friar
Frank Novak .... Jesse Paloma
Ed Williams .... Dr. Sterling Raven
Andrew Magarian .... Swanson
Brent Hinkley .... Peregrine
Lisa Moncure .... Susan Mallard
Myron Simon .... Vogel
V.J. Foster .... Lt. Colonel Wren

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: May 21, 1993



At a chicken hatchery a mad scientist named Dr. Jane Tiptree (Diane Ladd) plans to expose a lethal virus to destroy every human being on the planet and to have dinosaurs live on the planet again by hatching chicken eggs into carnosaurs that eats people alive. She also impregnates people with these creatures too and then are killed while giving birth to them.
These creatures start to breed like rats killing everyone in town or in construction sites too.
But there's two poeple who stand in her way after they encounter their friends being eaten by these things whom are a cynical night watchman Doc Smith (Raphael Sbarge) and an
idealistic environmentalist Ann Thrush (Jennifer Runyon) whom are having differences towards one another about their careers but must work together to uncover the scientist's scheme and fight her carnivorous creations in a desperate battle against the extinction of the human race


There's many shots on the camera zooming on to attack on a supporting character but yet the makers tries so hard to make it look scary but he bombs with that.
There's a real nice effective scene that involved Ann Thrush and Doc Smith towards a chewed up corpse weakly warning them which looked quite tense.
There's some good shots on the carnosuars attacking a work related area that involved some of the people surrounding this with their panicked reaction along with some good cheesy effects on the carnosaur's eating body parts etc. We spot a good shot on Susan Mallard with her leg being bitten off but she looks phony with her reactions to it.
We spot many goofy discussion shots on Slim Friar having a discussion in a diner while eating which seemed decently done.
Theres a perfect jumping moment with Ann looking at a book of some sort in her trailer and then a carnosaur smashes through her window.
There's many good camera takes on Slim walking by some cages full of chickens panicking and eating a drumstick and then a carnosaur's approaching by surprise and chomping off his head.
There's many good powerful discussions between Dr. Jane Tiptree and Doc Smith on what's going on with the carnosaur's.
We have a good scene with Sheriff Fowler and a supporting Rowena Fowler cuddling together making the scene believeable as a married couple. Then we have a good shot on Fowler cracking open some eggs and realising they're bad with good grossed out expressions on his face.
We spot another nicely done scene with Rowena pointing a shotgun and going near a pet shop and then a carnosaur appearing near him with his good firing actions with his gun.
There's nice shots on some soldiers dragging people out of their car and being aggressive about it.
A nice panicked reaction on a pregnant woman going into labour and freaking out to get whatever is inside her out and then a good close up shot on her spitting out black blood while we have a good camera shot looking up on Fallon looking down on a hatched carnosaur.
We spot many terrific camera takes on Doc Smith in a hallway where there's a shot on a carnosaur rising it's head and growling along with neat colourful effects on Sbarge racing through the hall and using his gun and trying to escape.
Bottom line is that I have seen this on the shelf at rental stores when video rentals were the thing back in the 90's till the early millenium and the cover looked great but that was about it. The film barely had a plot and things were happening too fast along with each scene being brief for the most part of it making it hard to review at times.
This one went to video when Spielberg was releasing Jurassic Park so Adam Simon wanted something almost similar but add the horror to it and we have a total ripoff. This film was also produced by the legendary low budget horror filmmaker Roger Corman which most others probably think he'd admit that this was his most forgettable flick to date and forgettable it is except for the video cover box.
What saved the film from bombing was the interesting cheesy effects on the carnosaur's and some twisted moments on the attacks etc.
If you're in the mood for a bad monster film and not expecting anything spectacular then try it at your own risk. Otherwise, avoid this one.
We also spot a closing credit that rolls up and not down which is also interesting too.

The acting is well... a little off but everyone did their best that they could do for this clunky low budgeter. For example Diane Ladd (Dr. Jane Tiptree) had a good calmness to her part. Too calm... Enough to convince you that there's something evil that she's doing and pulls it off nicely and a perfect mad scientist she is. Probably the best actress in this film.
Raphael Sbarge
(Doc Smith) was a bit rough with his role playing a toughie but did the best he could do and knew how to get stern and aggressuive when he needed to as well as showing a fair amount of energy to what he had to do with the battling the carnosaur's.
We also have former Charles in Charge TV regular Jennifer Runyon (Ann Thrush) who did a better job in that sitcom than she did with this film. She knew how to portray someone with a tough attitude though so I will give her some points for that. In a scene she does well screaming and trying to get a shotgun with good panicking reactions.
Harrison Page
(Sheriff Fowler) played a good family man kind of a Sheriff and knew how to be natural by doing so. He seemed to get his role right on track.
We have Clint Howard (Slim Friar) once again playing a geeky type of comedic character and stuill showed his timing well with what he got in the film as an employee at a chicken hatchery. He stood out very well like he usually does in these kinds of low budget horror flicks.

Many bodies are eaten up with guts and other objects torn apart
There are hands bitten off
A head is chomped off
A carnosaur's hand goes through a sheriff's chest
Lots of slimy stuff
Legs and arms torn off

There's the typical corny Z-grade synthesizer sounding music which sounds a bit rusty but some of it sounded effective with the carnosaur's attacking making it sound classical like as well as some odd scraping sound effects too all done by Nigel Holton.

Dr. Jane Tiptree: What came first the chicken or the egg?.... The egg

Dr. Jane Tiptree: The earth was not made for us - she was made for the dinosaurs.

[about to kill the dinosaur]
'Doc' Smith: I hate wildlife!