Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021)


Directed by: Darren Lynn Bousman

Written by: Josh Stolberg & Pete Goldfinger


Chris Rock ....
Detective Zeke Banks
Max Minghella .... Detective William Schenk
Samuel L. Jackson .... Marcus Banks
Marisol Nichols .... Captain Angie Garza
Dan Petronijevic .... Detective Marv 'Boz' Boswick
Richard Zeppieri .... Detective Fitch

Release Dates:
Theatrical: May 14, 2021



Working in the shadow of his father, an esteemed police veteran (Samuel L. Jackson), brash Detective Ezekiel "Zeke" Banks (Chris Rock) and his rookie partner (Max Minghella) take charge of a grisly investigation into murders that are eerily reminiscent of the city's gruesome past. Unwittingly entrapped in a deepening mystery, Zeke finds himself at the center of the killer's morbid game.


A fair beginning on the story with a detective chasing a criminal from a theme park to an alleyway. Then a surprise shot on a fellow wearing a pigs mask knocking him out which looked well done.
Before you know it he is trapped with something on his head standing on some subway tracks as he's stuck between a rock and a hard place having to torture himself to be saved before a train arrives. This was for sure drawing great tension for this fellow and knew it was for sure a Saw sequel. Trust me, watch this whole scene as the results aren't pretty.
Our main character Detective Zeke Banks is going undercover to stop some criminals and blows his cover while doing so in which he gets into a heated discussion at police headquarters with Captain Angie Garza as their aggressions looked very intense and powerful drawing terrific tension onto the screen.
Also at headquarters after spotting the gruesome results on the subway tracks they discuss Jigsaw and clues on this person along with discussing that he is dead. This was well put in but the story drags with too many discussions on what to do in order to find out some missing clues. It lacked inspiration. I was wondering if more horror scene's were going to happen but they do.
When Zeke returns home afterwards there's some good heated discussions between him and his father Marcus as this looked powerful to watch and solidly dramatic too.
Detective Fitch whom is a homicidal detective tries to track down the murders as he is in some sort of a dark abandoned building adding a nice touch to the horror story in which this leaves some nice suspenseful moments as well as what happens to him later on in order to try and survive which has these objects attached to his fingers looking beliveably tortureous.
Flashback sequences occur which at first seems confusing but then it explains itself with these detectives having a few skeletons in their closet. Definetely explains as to why they're involved in Jigsaw's game or someone trying to portray this person.
Angie tries to go into action and spots the figure wearing a pigs mask in which some sleeping gas is unleashed which makes her unconcious. This was done in a fairly decent horror fashion especially when we find out as to what she has to do in the deadly game with good close up shots on her during this deadly moment.
Then the final moments starts to happen which involves Zeke and Marcus as they try to find a way to escape the deadly game after revealing as to who was doing all of this as well with deadly consequences near the end of the flick done as a trick to the SWAT team that come in for the kill. It was okay but I've seen the final moments in the previous Saw flicks that were done in a better style.
Bottom line is the story drags a bit with lots of discussions and not enough action. Yet it is very mysterious as the resolved clues looked clever to watch as to why the people working for the law are being punished while playing the game and being tortured to death. It just didn't do much for me however but that's just my perspective on it.

The acting is well performed as it's nice to see Chris Rock (Detective Zeke Banks) performing a serious role proving that he can do just as a great job than comedic acting in which I loved him as a sketch performer on Saturday Night Live. He for sure brings out the solid aggressions along with being foul mouthed. He brings all of this to the extreme. He shows a ton of great adrenaline whenever he goes into action as well as reacting intensely to the terrors as well.
Max Minghella (Detective William Schenk) defientely knew on how to act mysterious as well as showing a good calm attitude as well as later on showing his true side in which he does well by acting clever within his words and actions.
Samuel L. Jackson (Marcus Banks) was always a true character actor for what I've seen him in. He's a powerful force of nature in this one and has a strong personality with great raging aggressions. He was loud and really got into his part. Shows a ton of raging energy. Two thumbs up for this guy.
Marisol Nichols (Captain Angie Garza) was sharp in her performance as well as doing a good job by acting stern whenever she needed to behave this way. She was on the ball when on a mission and reacts well to stuff. Plus shows off a great emotional attitude near the end of her performance.
Richard Zeppieri (Detective Fitch) knew on how to act gruff in his part of the story. Plus had the right looks and presence that shined off onto the screen. He definetely was one of those people that made you wonder if he had a dark secret. He rolled with the punches greatly when acting this way.

Tongue is chopped off.
Person is splattered with a subway train smashing into this person.
Body parts are revealed on the tracks of the subway.
Fingers are pulled off.
Body is hung all skinless.
Person's face is melted.
Leg is broken with bone sticking out.
Person is bloodied as well as shot to death with bloody gunshots.

Charlie Clouser once again has great sound effects with hissing and whooshing sounds. Plus he has deep dark synthesizer music which was effective too. Plus good icy and screechy music when the terror is about to hit especially near the beginning of the story when a subway is about to arrive towards someone trapped on the tracks. The odd scarping sounds for the near terrors works in well during the middle run of the story sounding crisp. During the final moments there's some fair classical sounds which sounds like it was used on a synthesizer but was necessary to put into the plot.