Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Co-Produced, Composed & Directed by: Tobe Hooper

Written by: L.M. Kit Carson


Dennis Hopper .... Lefty Enright
Caroline Williams .... Stretch Brock
Jim Siedow .... Drayton Sawyer
Bill Moseley .... Chop-Top Sawyer
Bill Johnson .... Leatherface "Bubba" Sawyer
Lou Perryman .... L.G. McPeters
Ken Evert .... Grandpa Sawyer

Release Date: Theatrical: August 22, 1986; Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1989





Ten years have passed since the horrible incidents on thiose young travellers on a summer cruise and suddenly a group of wild drunken teens are driving along and causing trouble as well as making a prank phone call to a radio station in which the DJ named Stretch (Caroline Williams) is trying to find some way on disconnecting them. However while this incident happens a truck drives by with Leatherface (Bill Johnson) sawing the vehicle down near a bridge and killing these teens in which this incident was recorded onto a tape at the station while an ex-lawman named Lefty (Dennis Hopper) is convinced that the chainsaw family is still out there and wants to seek revenge against them for killing his nephew Franklin and having his niece Sally falling into a catatonic after escaping them.
Stretch helps him out by playing this tape onto her radio station in order to try and help Lefty by tracking them down but this was a deadly mistake since Leatherface and his brother Chop Top (Bill Moseley) decides to pay a visit to her.
Meanwhile Lefty is preparing for battle by finding out where this family lives and bringing his own chainsaw's as well as trying to rescue Stretch before it's too late.


The film has the narration rolling up like in the first one which I found very necessary but yet the narrator didn't seem to sound too dark when he spoke like John Larroquette did in the original but yet it was a nice touch when we wonder what happened to the survivor Sally Hardesty and when the law tried to look for that farmhouse and it was abandoned as that was also nicely put in since we know that canniballistic family had to leave since there was a witness.
It's nice to see a black screen with the opening credits and then suddenly boom it jumps to a daylight screen with two obnoxious teenagers speeding away in their car causing trouble as well as calling in on a radio station making a prank call towards the DJ Stretch having a good touch to a beginning of a film like this one.
But then they play chicken with another driver in a truck in which I thought that this was a bad idea having a feeling that somehow this driver will seek revenge later on and then when it's night and they call the station again this does happen as this truck stops them on a bridge in which the setting totally looked dark and creepy along with their lights flashing brightly on them which looked exciting on what will happen next and then Leatherface coming out with a chainsaw cutting apart their car and the two try to dodge from the chainsaw as this definetely looked disturbing to watch as you know they don't have a chance on surviving this madness but the chainsaw attacking doesn't seem to have a good dark feeling like in the original. Yet in the special edition there's a graphic and gruesome result to what happens in which this was cut out before it's theatrical run in which during this time period I could understand why.
The next day looked not too bad but the vehicle that crashed caused by Leatherface is a bit ways away from the bridge in which this seemed to be a bit of a case on bad writing. However it was neat to have a relative of the Hardesty's named Lefty appear talking to a detective in which they bring up the family of cannibals that happened 10 years before. This was fun to watch as well as him discussing about the family raising hell.
Some nice moments with Stretch entering a hotel hallway filled with wild hillbilly's partying and being loud while she tries to tell Lefty about proof on those chainsaw killers that she had recorded onto a cassette tape as well as him acting negative towards her. This seemed impressive on someone trying to show some proof on witnessing a murder that's still happening in Texas with those maniacs.
One of my favourite scene's is when Lefty goes to a chainsaw store to buy some chainsaws in order to seek revenge and he tests a chainsaw on a piece of log plunging it down constantly as all of this was impressive to watch and exciting too. Just him being silent and staring at the chainsaws while placing money down was truly convincing enough that he was being prepared to go in for a big battle.
Then there's alot of slapstick moments with an event on the best cooks in Texas in which this seemed uplifting adding dark humor compared to the original. It was fun and well done but I was thinking that this is hard to believe that it was a sequel to the original and where did this sequel go wrong here?!
Then we see the canniballistic cook in which he was referenced as the Old Man approaching winning for the best barbecued food. I was thinking to myself that these people were eating his human flesh and they don't know about it especially when he's asked about what the special ingredients were used for his food. Also someone finds something in a portion of his food which looks like a tooth and that's just what it is and he says it's one of his peppercorn's. That's a good cover up for sure. This seemed to work well with the funny one liners.
Later on at the radio station when Stretch plays the tape on the air that was recorded when that incident happened requested by Lefty definetely leaves a sinking feeling that she will be in trouble with the demented Sawyer family. Then things get a little spooky when she hears sounds coming from the hallway and you start to cringe while watching this. Suddenly someone is sitting in a seat but it's a bit dark to see. However later this person exposes himself to be better seen which looked freaky and well done. When we see who it is we're like it's someone totally demented named Chop Top which leaves a creepy feeling that the terror is about to happen but seems like a hippie gone wrong when he asks for a request as well as a tour when she's in a hurry to show him the exit sign hoping that maybe she will succeed and then he brings up the request about what she played on those chainsaw killings asking if it was a soundtrack to a Rambo sequel which was a good one liner written in. Then BANG! Leatherface storms in with his chainsaw acting clumsy which was a nice jumping moment but with all that's happening it looked very tongue in cheek since dark comedy was coming inot horror films during this time period and sadly Hooper allowed this which accpeting the board of director's chair for this one. It kinda made up for the terrifying moments in the first one for any viewers who had a hard time handling it.
There's a good moment when L.G. enters back to the station in which you know something terrible is going to happen to him and it just does along with this freak Chop Top whacking his head constantly with a hammer making this quite disturbing to watch as he's whacking him half to death.
There's more suspenseful moments blended with some corny moments and one liners in which Leatherface has Stretch right where he wants her but his chainsaw gives out and she tries to reason with him which seems impressive to watch with all that's going on and trying to act cool with him as this seemed cleverly put in.
Plus there's a good funky moment with him give Chop Top a high five when he claimed that he killed Stretch which really spoils his reputation as someone dark and menacingly creepy from the original.
There's also nice moments with trap doors at the Sawyer's place with Stretch falling into one wondering if the family will find her or not in which keeps you in suspense when she tries to get out of the area without this demented family finding her in their area imagining if you were in that situation.
There's a great touching moment with Lefty discovering Franklin's skeletal corpse in the wheelchair with a flashlight since this was well put in since he deserves to be remembered after being slayed away in the first film.
There's a real cool scene when Lefty is about to enter the area and is nervous about it when he prepares his chainsaw's in which he'd have every reason to be scared since this family are trained killers. It looked awesome when he goes in sawing stuff down as well as finding some gruesome results on certain situations. There's also neat effects on body parts hung in certain areas as meat in which this looked grizzly and artsy too.
Then when Stretch is kidnapped by the family she is tied up while the canniballistic meal is served but this time is looked very slapstick compared to the original and not bloodscreaming intense either. This seemed a bit of a disappointment. Plus we see Grandpa again but he looks healthier compared to the original and seems to move around a bit more too. Also his age is announce in which I was thinking "Wow this family must be immortal". Of course there's the hammer whacking scenario which didn't look freaky either and quite silly too.
The excitement packs a real punch is when Lefty battles Leatherface with his chainsaw which there's good stuntwork with all of this in which he has alot of nice skilled levels on suriving since Leatherface is fast with the saw. This just looks fun to watch with a good guy in a chainsaw battling another one. Also you see much more movement coming from Grandpa as he even stands up from his wheelchair to throw a hammer and trying to aim it at Lefty. This seemed interesting to watch as well.
Also we have Drayton under a table ready to pull off a grenade which makes you wonder as to what will happen to all of them as this isn't shown but later on we hear a kaboom with smoke pouring out of passageways when Stretch tries to get away from Chop Top when he is quickly on her tail which all of this showed some great suspenseful moments and good action pace especially with moments on Stretch doing anything to survive like kicking him down or trying to electrocute him. She definetely showed a nice tough girl type of attitude with all of this.
Then we spot a cave with what looks like a woman corpse holding a chainsaw in which she was briefly seen in the first film who happens to be revealed as Grandma. I was thinking to myself "She's actually alive???" It seems so as her head was briefly moving. Pretty bizarre but again this family almost doesn't seem human at all almost like Michael Myers from Halloween wasn't they were this demented.
Bottom line is that this film was out during the time period where they were adding comedy into horror as mentioned in which it doesn't seem to work too well in certain spots but other spots seems okay. Yet it's hard to believe that this was the actual sequel since it was cheeiser and corny too but made on a better budget with some familiar cast members since the original one became a cult classic. The settings looked very well designed and the effects were impressive too. This one may disappoint the fans from the original who enjoys intense shocking horror as this one seemed a little opposite. Also we never know what happened to everyone in the end and the next sequel was a remake.

The acting showed alot of nice characteristics in which everyone did a great job in it. Lead actor Dennis Hopper (Lefty Enright) really brought across a nice eccentric type of disturbed attitude as well as having a nice serious gruff type of speaking to his voice plus showed a nice expressionless behavior during the beginning of his performance along with other parts of the story too which looked good and solid. Shows perfect energy while trying out some chainsaws swinging them around as well as using one of them on a piece of wood constalty slamming it down as he shows a ton of great might here. Does a nice job acting nervous while preparing his chainsaw while trying to enter the home of the maniacs going in for the kill in which this looked very natural. Plus there's many good shots on him acting menacing with a chainsaw cutting things down inside the area in which he shows off great energy here too. He has a good wide eyed surprised expression on what he spots as this looked nicely acted and quite dramatic too when he reacts to this. Does a nice approach heading into an area with his chainsaw speaking gruffly. He speaks very well heroic to someone after freeing them which looked impressive. Does perfect stuntwork with his blocking while dodging a chainsaw jumping up and things like that. He knew on how to spring into action while having a vengeful type of personality. Yes sir he studied this role quite well making a believeable relative to a couple of characters from the original flick.
Caroline Williams (Stretch Brock) lived to play a radio DJ since she seemed so believeable with what she did in it really having a good clear voice as well as acting aggressive when she needed to as this also looked quite impressive bringing out alot of great energy especially whenever she loses her patience talking to someone on the phone during the first bit of her performance here. There's a great anxious reaction on her talking to someone about a cassette tape recorded during the tragedy of the chainsaw attack which looked pretty powerful. Does well acting nervous calling out in a hallway of the radio station as well as her getting aggressive after who she spots which looked good. She's great by being quick with a good frightened and panicky attitude which she does well in a spooky and silent scene towards one of the cast members portraying a freaky role here. She seemed to do okay freaking out when the terror strikes her but wasn't believeable whenever she tried to scream intensely. It seemed a bit too over the top. But yet it seemed to suit the story with what she did. There's a good stressed and freaked out situation on her in the radio station being pinned against as this was impressive with her reactions as well as her trying to act courageous showing alot of great charisma here. Does a good job choked up and freaking out when she is trapped against one of the characters in the film later on in a scene as this looked well done. All in all she showed some nice characteristics and had alot of adrenaline pumping away especially quarter way through the plot. Nice blocking shots on her kicking someone down and defending herself which looked nicely done too. Also in her last performance brings her insane energy to a high pace while swinging a chainsaw in which fans of her will fondly remember her for this.
Jim Siedow
(Drayton Sawyer) returns as the cannibalistic cook and was credited as Old Man in the original so it's nice to see that he has a name. He still has what it takes to play this role too even showing some good wit into what he does since the original film was dark. He brings out some good aggressive energy by being a typical nutcase. He brings alot into what he does for his role without a doubt. In one of the scene's for example he does well having a choked reaction while talking on the phone in his vehicle and getting into a rage after what he heard on a radio airplay which looked good, witty and natural. He also shows a nice brutal blocking movement on him slamming a hammer down on someone's head and getting aggressive with his bluntness which was a great pointer to his skills here. He does well howling in pain after being cut in the crotch with a chainsaw. There's a scene when he's underneath a table talking to himself while grabbing a grenade in which he does well with his actions on all of this.
Bill Moseley (Chop Top Sawyer) really lived up to play this crazy type of role. He brought a ton of great insane energy not letting an ounce down at all. He was terrific by acting wild and goofy with a nice raunchy voice too. Plus his looks were incredibly freaky which was a perfect bonus and really presented himself wonderfully with his introduction showing a great creepy expression on his face in a radio station waiting room. Does a great job heaving a hammer down constantly on someone's head with good brutal force just speaking insanely which shows off alot of great energy here. There's a nice job with him acting taunting like and going nuts which was at a good high pace. He also has alot of great wild blocking while chasing after someo0ne and climbing up stuff not letting an ounce of energy down while doing this. Plus he does a great job with his insane anger too. This was a start to a string of other types of horror films for him proving to be a born character actor studying this part inside out.
Bill Johnson (Leatherface "Bubba" Sawyer) seemed to be less of a threat while performing this character since Gunnar Hansen didn't return in it. He does show good goofy expressions with his eyes behind the mask proving to be quite a ham even if it seemed corny in the writing. Does well charging with a chainsaw showing nice clumsy blocking on him spinning and running. He did what he had to do and brings alot of slapstick with all of this. He shows alot of good brutal force while trying to do a chainsaw battle swinging it around.
Lou Perryman
(L.G. McPeters) definetely pulled off his part well as a slobbish type of redneck working at a radio station and really coming across that way big time as well as acting goofy too plus sounding grouchy and blunt which also looked impressive. He reacts well by hollering in pain while being whacked on the head with a hammer which looked natural. He definetely made his role quite likeable and showed good characteristics into his part indeed. He also had the right looks for this role which was another bonus.
Lou Kinyon (Mercedes Driver) had a small part in the film but he was worth mentioning here since his performance was quite memorable. He does a great job acting wild while driving his vehicle along with getting nuts talking on the phone to a radio station in which he adds good wild humor and energy to all of this. A nice shot on him shouting out his rear window which was highly energised with his aggressions as well during a dark scene. He also great freaked out reactions trying to dodge a chainsaw being attacked by him which looked good and intense.

In the special edition version a guy's head is sliced off by a chainsaw with blood splurting out which I could understand why this was cut out before it's theatrical release.
L.G.'s head is whacked by a hammer and he bleeds caused by Chop Top.
A bunch of guts are spilled out of a cement wall.
Numerous body parts are hung around inside an abandoned mine.
In the special edition L.G. is exposed with his face torn off as well as skin from his body. Plus there's a skin of his face put on Stretch by Leatherface.
Chop Top holds a cut off foot to whack Stretch in the head
Lefty chainsaw's Drayton's crotch
Lefty also plunges his chainsaw
through Leatherface's stomach and there's a special edition version where it looks more graphic.
Chop Top cuts his throat a couple times

The music was composed by Tobe Hooper and Jerry Lambert in which they have high icy synthesizer music for the opening credits which almost sounds like a cheesy theme song to Psycho but it works well at the same time too. There's more of it through the movie having adventuerous tones. Plus some good dark sound effects during a moment when good ole Grandpa tries to whack Stretch with a hammer.

The flick had a very interesting songtrack by many 80's rock and punk groups but these are the two songs that stood out in the film:
For the beginning of the film we hear a nice funky song by Timbuk 3 titled "Shame on You" in which there's a nice good drum type beating sound with a chant going "Shame" in which is almost sounds like it was saying "Chains" The song sounds a bit cheesy but suitable for a feeling in Texas with how it was playing.
During the closing credits in the film there's a toned out song like someone was too stoned out to perform a reggae song by Stewart Copeland with his song "Strange Things" everything on this song was badly toned out and should've had a better choice for this moment.

Stretch: I know nobody's listening 'cos you're all looming, but I got a shot of hot rock 'n roll for you anyway... [takes a call] Stretch: KOKLA Red River Rock 'n Roll Request.

Buzz: [referring to the chainsaw wielding Leatherface] What the hell is that?
Rick: It's... It's some kind of a geek!

Lefty: One of those boys was so crazy he sawed his own head off going 90 miles per hour.

L.G. McPeters: Look, darlin'. Built ya a little fry house.

[when asked the secret of his successful chilli] Drayton: No secret, it's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat. I've got a real good eye for prime meat. Runs in the family.

Drayton: You coonshits, you fudge packers, you'll be the death of me yet!

L.G. McPeters: Just had another cursin' caller. Your little ass is gonna be in big trouble with that tape girl.

Chop Top: Uh, I wanna... I wanna buy some uh, radio add time.
Vantia 'Stretch' Block: [getting nervous] Are you fucking crazy? We are closed. Off the air till' tomorrow. You'll have to just... come... back...
Chop Top: No but... but yeah but... Whoa.

Chop Top: Exit. E-X-I-T.

Chop Top: [to Stretch at the radio station] Can you play Inna-Vida-da-Gadda?

[When swinging for Stretch, Leatherface hits Chop Top on his head with the chainsaw by accident, exposing his metal place cover] Chop Top: Her, not me you dumbass! Leatherface, you bitch! Look what you did to my Sonny Bono wig do... oh, goddamn I can't believe it! You gonna have to buy me a new plate cover! You gonna have to buy me a new plate cover, Leatherface! Oh... I'm gonna have to go back to the VA hospital to get me a new plate cover!

Chop Top: Dog will hunt. Get that bitch, Leatherface. Get that bitch! [laughs]
Chop Top: Dog will hunt.

L.G. McPeters: [seeing Chop-Top cutting up records] Hey! What the shit?
Chop Top: Lick my plate, you dog dick!

Chop Top: Peel that pig and slice him thick.

Drayton: I thought you took care of her already.
Chop Top: Yeah well, Leatherface killed her once already, but LOOK! She's Red-faced. Oh, Bubba's been playing with her, Bubba likes her. Bubba's got a girlfriend!

Chop Top: Burn her like a rat! Burn her like a rat!

Drayton: S-C-E-X, sex. Ya had to find out about it, didn't ya?

Drayton: [to Leatherface] You have one choice, boy: sex or the saw. Sex is, well... nobody knows. But the saw... the saw is family.

Drayton: Who sentcha? Those sissies over at Delmar catering? That chicken-shit burrito man?

Drayton: It's a dog eat dog world and from where I sit there just ain't enough damn dogs!

Drayton: [Hiding under the dinner table while Leatherface and Lefty fight] Maybe it's just time to just shut down. Time to shut down the show, yeah. Yeah, pull the plug. Come here, Nubbins! [Pulls the preserved corpse of the hitchhiker from the original film under the table and searches him]
Drayton: Where... Where's that fuck you Charlie?

Drayton: A man builds a good sturdy trade by hookin' and crookin' and then [removes pin from grenade]
Drayton: Ka plooey! The Gods just kick him right in the balls. Ah no! Not this time...