*The other seasons that were associated with blogtalk radio unfortunately were erased from the team as they sadly don't keep archived shows for too long. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Welcome to the very beginning of our radio show in which the series was originally a studio based podcast show that first came on in November of 2006 hosted by Greg Tiderington and Heath Horejda as it started out small and the more the ball kept rolling that had more ideas on how to make the show more entertaining. There were music breaks by independent bands which were mainly gothic rockabilly groups eventually leading to big time bands in the final season of the series.
In the first season however there was often a guest interview on an actor or director of horror films along with news by Quey Phillips.
During the second season only two episodes were out as the engineer Johnny Cockles was going to school for a whole year so the show was on hiatus but a couple of magazine reviewers who did a stint on the show named Jeff Croft and Krystalline Wolsey suggested a youtube series for a while until the podcast show started up again as Jeff and Greg did one movie review. From there on Greg also did a couple other reviews as well as a couple interviews.
They even tried to do a series at a student college radio station but the idea was scrapped and continued on with Johnny Cockles but Heaht flew the coop as he briefly moved away and instead had Doktor Strange to co-host with him and they hit it off greatly. Plus they had a magazine reviewer named Nathan Stranges who mainly did reviews on Horrorhound magazine for the show.
Quey at times shared the news with Anya Soroka due to other commitments but then when summer was ending in 2009 Johnny Cockles had to throw in the towel with the studio as he moved in a different area finding it hard to transport back and fourth to edit the show so since then Greg and Doktor Strange has hosted the series live on blogtalk radio with at first The Eric Morse Project and then moving onto their own show itself.


*Sadly both the first and the sixth episodes were permanantly damaged as they are no longer available to listen to