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Machine Head 2000
Machines of Love and Hate 2003
Madman 1982
The Mangler 1995
Mangler 2: Graduation Day 2002
The Mangler Reborn 2005
Maniac 1980
Maniac Cop 1988
Maniac Cop 2 1990
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence 1993
Mark of the Astro Zombies 2002
Mary, Mary Bloody Mary 1975
Massacre at Central High 1976
Maximum Overdrive 1986
May 2002
Memorial Valley Massacre 1989
Mercy Christmas 2017
Midnight Cabaret 1990
The Midnight Hour 1985
The Midnight Show 2016
Mikey 1992
The Millenium Bug 2011
Mimic 1997
Mimic 2 2001
Mimic 3 2003
Mind, Body & Soul 1992
The Mist 2007
Model Hunger 2015
Modern Vampires 1998
Monkey Shines 1988
Monster Dog 1985
Monster Man 2003
Moon of the Wolf 1972
Mortuary 1983
Mosquito 1995
Motel Hell 1980
Mother's Day 1980
Motor Home Massacre 2006
Mr. Jingles 2001
Mum and Dad 2008
The Mummy 1932
Murder Weapon 1989
Mutant 1984
My Bloody Valentine 1981
My Bloody Valentine 3D 2009
My Little Eye 2002